Who Are Violet Jones Medusky And Dr. Jones? Meet Mikala Jones Parents

Who Are Mikala Jones’ Parents? Many people are intrigued about the great surfer’s family and parents after his sudden demise. Mikala Jones was a professional Hawaiian surfer. He was most known for posting inspirational photographs and videos from within raging waves.

GoPro and Reef sponsored him, and he was regarded as one of the most photogenic and accomplished surfers of his time. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. Mikala died this weekend when an artery was cut in a surfing accident in Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands. Mikala Jones, a popular and successful surfer, died over the weekend, leaving the surfing world in mourning. While the whole world appreciates his tremendous skill and accomplishments in the sport, many people have been intrigued about the individuals who helped build his incredible path. In this short piece, get to know Mikala Jones’ parents. Mikala Jones is a surfer.

Mikala Jones’s Parents: Mother Violet Jones Medusky And Father Dr. John Jones

Mikala Jones, the late competitive surfer, was born in Kailua to Violet Jones Medusky and Dr. John Jones. His hometown is on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Hawaiian culture is deeply ingrained in the surfer’s family history and background. While Mikala Jones was internationally recognized for his surfing skills, it is also important to recognize the family that supported and nourished his passion for the sport. His parents were the ones who identified and fostered his interest in surfing. Although specifics are withheld, the influence on his life cannot be overstated. Mikala had a strong relationship with both his father and his late mother. His parents must have played an important part in developing his surfing love. They most certainly offered the assistance and support he needed to follow his objectives, encouraging him throughout his career and beyond. Their unfailing faith in his skills likely drove his ambition to excel in sports.

Mikala Jones

Mikala Jones’s Father Dr. John Jones Is a Dentist

Mikala Jones’ father, Dr. John Jones, is a dentist, according to CBS News. Dr. Jones informed The Associated Press that his son died on Sunday in an Indonesian surfing accident. The bereaved father said that his son was hurt when his surfboard fin sliced his femoral artery while on a vacation to the Mentawai Islands off Sumatra’s western coast. The femoral artery is a large blood vessel in the thigh that transports blood to the lower extremities. Mikala Jones is survived by his father, wife, and children.

Mikala Jones’ Mother Violet Jones Medusky Died in 2011

Violet Jones Medusky, Mikala Jones’ mother, died in 2011 following a struggle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Mikala and his family fought tirelessly to increase ALS awareness after his mother died. In May 2004, Violet Jones Medusky was diagnosed with ALS. It was a devastating setback for the late surfer and triathlete. Violet’s fight with the dreadful cancer was observed by Mikala and his family.

Mikala Jones

Mikala’s mother was a beacon of hope for her daughter throughout her ALS journey, becoming involved in Hawaii’s ALS community and raising funds and awareness for ALS initiatives. Unfortunately, she died in 2011 from ALS-related complications, and money from her estate was utilized to create ALS Ohana of Hawaii at her request. The mission of ALS Ohana of Hawaii is to improve the quality of life for ALS patients and their families in Hawaii.

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