Who Are The Parents Of Jeremy Roach?

Joe and Carole Roach, Jeremy’s parents, are overjoyed with their son’s blossoming basketball career. Jeremy Roach is a Duke Blue Devils basketball player from the United States. He recently made headlines when he was chosen to the West Regional All-Tournament Team.

After salvaging the squad with Texas Tech in a recent match, Roach has gained the hearts of all basketball fans. Fans feel he might be the next big basketball star as a sophomore point guard. Let’s discover more about Jeremy Roach, a rising basketball star, and his personal life.

Jeremy Roach
Jeremy Roach

Who Are The Parents Of Jeremy Roach?

Joe and Carole Roach gave birth to Jeremy Roach on November 1, 2001, in Leesburg, Virginia. The athlete grew up with his father and mother’s encouragement and inspiration. Jeremy’s parents are proud of their son at every stage of his successful profession. On the other hand, there aren’t many details about Jeremy’s loved ones.

Roach is of American descent, and he began his basketball career as a freshman in high school. The athlete has built a reputation for himself on the court in a short period of time. Furthermore, Jeremy’s parents have been the biggest source of motivation for him to continue on with his life.

Meet Jeremy Roach And His Parents, Joe And Carole.

Joe Roach, Jeremy’s father, and Carole Roach, Jeremy’s mother, raised him. With his mind-blowing performance in the contest, the athlete has recently attracted everyone’s attention.

Carole Roach, Roach’s mother, has previously expressed her enthusiasm for her son’s basketball career. She stated, ” “We are completely unfamiliar with this procedure. We’d heard of it with other kids before, but this is the first time it’s happened to ours.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s father assisted him in catching his trip to Denver, where he would begin his basketball career. His father and mother have both pushed him to pursue his dreams.

Jeremy Roach’s Siblings

Chloe and Jordan Roach, Jeremy’s siblings with whom he grew up, is close to him. He is the family’s youngest sibling and is seeking a basketball career. Chloe, Roach’s elder sister, and Jordan, Roach’s older brother, reared him. There are no more updates on Jeremy’s family other than to say that they all love and support him.

Jeremy has also kept his personal life secret by not disclosing anything about his family. Thankfully, when he excels in the future, his followers may have more information about him.

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