Who Are Linton And Sharik Atkinson From “The Amazing Race” Season 34 ?

The Amazing Race is returning to CBS, and the next episode will include a completely new locale. The forthcoming season will have 12 new teams fighting for $1 million while traversing the globe. A father-daughter pair from Brooklyn, New York, is among these teams. Phil Keoghan returns as the presenter for another exciting season, posing challenges to the contending teams. Due to the Covid 19 epidemic, the preceding season of the program witnessed certain alterations. The program has to make significant adjustments in order to begin safely; one such change that will persist throughout this season is the use of hired aircraft for travel and the lack of the show’s U-turn aspect.

The show’s description stated:

“Two-person teams compete against each other in races conducted across the globe for the chance to win a large cash prize.”

A father-daughter team from Brooklyn will participate in Season 34 of The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race has produced a number of notable teams throughout the years, and this year’s selection is no exception. Phil Keoghan discussed The Amazing Race’s Linton and his daughter Sharik with Parade.

He stated:

“There is clearly a generational divide when it comes to recognizing life’s difficulties. He’s been through it, and he’s trying to save his daughter from going through it as well.”

Sharik Atkinson

He went on to say:

“Going back to Ron and Christina, I’ve always admired father-daughter ties. It’s a chance for those generations to connect and learn more about one another.”

The 50-year-old assistant principal and his 23-year-old daughter, who is presently earning a master’s degree, talked about their immigration to the United States in their introduction video. Previously, the two had liked watching the competitors on the program.

Linton stated:

“We watch it together, we grew up with it, and we support teams.”

Sharik discussed their winning plan for The Amazing Race, stating that they would focus on communication and balance.

She stated the following:

“I believe my father and I are both well aware of our own strengths. I know which roadblocks are for my father and which are for me, and vice versa.”

Linton is far more athletic than she is. Linton described himself as “excellent at making things,” while his daughter excels at logistics.

He said, ”

“She’s a thinker, and I just do it, but she checks me and says, “Hey, wait for a second, let’s make sure we understand it.” Let us make certain that we get it correctly.”

Sharik Atkinson

Sharik said that her father has always encouraged her to be loud and that both of them are “strong-headed” while discussing her childhood. Twin sisters Emily and Molly, Latin dancers Aubrey and David, retired cheerleaders Quinton and Mattie, married couple Luis and Michelle, military brothers Marcus and Michael, to be married Aastha and Nina, Big Brother couple Derek and Claire, motivational speakers Rich and Dom, high school sweethearts Will and Abby, newlyweds Glenda and Lumumba, and golf buddies Rex Ryan and Tim Mann are among the other teams competing in The Amazing Race Season 34.

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