Who Are Kostas Sakkaris And Angeliki Kanellopolou? Meet Maria Sakkari’s Parents

Maria Sakkari was born on July 25, 1995, in Athens, Greece, to Angeliki Kanellopoulou and Konstantinos Sakkaris. Her mother and grandparents were both professional tennis players, and she was introduced to the sport by her parents when she was six years old. As a youngster, Sakkari had easy access to tennis and often attended her mother’s practice sessions. She came to Barcelona, Spain at the age of 18 in quest of greater competition and refined her skill set under experienced trainers after polishing her talents in her hometown throughout her early adolescent years.

Who is the father of Maria Sakkari?

Maria Sakkari’s father is Kostas Sakkaris. He has been a huge supporter of his daughter’s tennis career since she was a child, often driving her to practice sessions in her homeland of Greece. Kostas also engaged with sponsors to ensure that his daughter has access to the greatest resources for her tennis. Sakkari turned pro in 2015 and is trained by American Tom Hill, one of the WTA’s youngest coaches, who also works with former Australian Open finalist Danielle Collins. Hill was on the verge of pursuing a career in advertising, but his experience with Collins convinced him to become a full-time coach. Sakkari became the first Greek woman to reach a Grand Slam semifinal (at the French Open and the US Open) and achieved a career-high ranking of World No. 3 under Tom Hill’s tutelage.

Maria Sakkari

Who is the mother of Maria Sakkari?

Maria Sakkari’s mother is Angeliki Kanellopolou. In the 1980s, she was also a professional tennis player, reaching a career-high ranking of 43 in the world and reaching the third round of the French Open twice. In 1986, she reached the finals of the Athens Trophy but was defeated by former German tennis star Sylvia Hanika in the top battle. Angeliki has had a significant impact on her daughter’s tennis career since she has attentively monitored her progress at all times. Angeliki also has a role in Sakkari’s tennis-related choices.

Maria Sakkari Career Highlights

She made her professional debut as a young player in the Rio Open in Brazil. The Greek was eliminated from the event’s main draw after being outwitted by Maria Irogoyen in the qualifications. Later that year, though, she won her first WTA title in the qualifications for the US Open Championships. Sakkari not only beat her first-round opponent, but she also won all three of her qualifiers and advanced to the main draw of a hard court slam for the first time in her career. Since then, the 26-year-old has only won one championship in her career, the Morocco Open in 2019.

Maria Sakkari’s parent’s nationality

Angeliki Kanellopolou and Kostas Sakkari, Maria Sakkari’s parents, are both of Greek heritage.

How Old Are Maria Sakkari’s Parents?

Angeliki Kanellopoulou, Maria Sakkari’s mother, is 56 years old. Her father’s age is still unknown since no material confirms his exact age. He is, however, estimated to be in his 60s.

Maria Sakkari

Maria Sakkari’s Family and Siblings

Maria Sakkari has two younger siblings. She has a brother named Yannis Sakkari and a sister named Amanda Sakkari. There is no evidence that she was in a romantic connection with anybody in the past.

Is Maria Sakkari’s Parents still married?

Maria Sakkari’s parents, Angeliki Kanellopoulou and Kostas Sakkari are still married.

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