Who Are Kailah Bird And Sam Bird From “The Challenge” Season 38?

The Challenge season 38 is meant to bring together strong ties and put them to the test against the intensity of the game. Partners, ex-partners, and closest friends will join teams and battle for a share of $1 million. Sam Bird and Kailah Bird, a married couple who secretly married in March 2022 because they didn’t want a large wedding, will appear in the episode.

In one of the most lasting reality TV contests now running, the program will pit similar partners against one other. Jordan Wiseley, Aneesa Ferreira, Nam Vo, Emmy Russ, and Anase Talavera, together with best friend Tommy Bracco, are among the other duos slated to participate.

According to The Challenge’s news release:

“The Challenge: Ride or Die will air on October 12th. TJ Lavin hosts the program, which features returning fan favorites and bright-eyed novices navigating the weekly mental and physical activity for a share of $1 million.”

The Birds will be the only married pair competing in The Challenge.

Sam Bird and Kailah announced their romance publicly in January 2020 and were engaged in August. After 18 months, the couple secretly married on a romantic trip to Gibraltar. Initially, the two were living in separate countries, but after a few months, Sam relocated to London to be with the love of his life.

Sam described how they met in their introduction video for The Challenge, saying Kailah sneaked into his DMs on Instagram and traveled to visit him.

Kailah Bird

He stated:

“She noticed a cool-looking British man and said, ‘I’m from America, I live in Florida, and I want a short holiday.’”

Kailah defined Sam in one word, playfully calling him “obnoxious.” She went on to say:

“I adore you, but you are somewhat irritating.”

She went on to say that he’ll be a terrific gaming partner since he’s skilled at “running and bicycling.” Sam is a triathlete who isn’t frightened of much. Sam claims they have a bond that will help them win the game. He went on to say that his wife is a “softie” at home but an “extremist” when it comes down to it. Kailah has competed in The Challenge before, however, she has yet to win. Kailah feels that she and Sam are the strongest duo in the game, according to her MTV profile.

It goes on to say:

“Kailah is more focused than ever, particularly now that Sam is at her side. After all, “until death do us part” just means “ride or die.”

Kailah Bird

Sam is making his debut appearance on The Challenge, but the British DJ is no stranger to competition; in addition to being a triathlete, he took part in Love Island U.K Season 4. While his stint on the dating program was not productive, he quickly met the lady of his dreams and is now prepared to fight for $1 million alongside her. The program will premiere on MTV on October 12 at 8 p.m. ET.

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