Who Are Emily Bushnell And Molly Sinert From “The Amazing Race” Season 34?

The Amazing Race is returning for another exciting season. With $1 million on the line, couples are eager to participate and see the globe. For the first time, the series will premiere outside of the United States. However, it isn’t the only change in the forthcoming season. This season, instead of 11, about 12 teams will battle for the championship, and there will be no non-elimination legs. The whole cast of The Amazing Race was just revealed, with one duo sticking out among the others. Emily and Molly, twin sisters who were separated at birth, are on their way to winning one of television’s greatest races.

Last year, the two made news when they reconnected for the first time since they were babies in Korea. They were adopted by separate families and had completely different lives until a DNA test reunited them.

In a sneak preview, presenter Phil Keoghan discussed The Amazing Race: New York.

“The start of the race is always incredibly exciting because you have all these all these teams with all this potential energy, and then we also have something to celebrate,” said the event’s organizer.”

The 400th leg of The Amazing Race will air on CBS on Wednesday, September 21, at 10 p.m. ET.

Long-lost twins reunite to participate in Season 34 of The Amazing Race.

Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert were separated for 36 years and just discovered each other’s existence last year. Both were born in Korea and adopted by separate families. Molly, a hospital administrator, is from Florida, whilst Emily works for a legal company and presently resides in Pennsylvania.

Emily Bushnell

Wanda Sykes appears as a guest presenter on The Ellen Show with the two. They discussed doing a DNA test, which lead them to each other. Emily informed Wanda that her daughter was interested in locating Emily’s biological family and had requested a DNA test “year after year” for the last five years. Molly looked into a genetic marker test after discovering she had no health history after a health scare in 2020. Their lives were turned upside down on March 3, 2021, when Molly’s test results revealed that she had one close relative called Isabel. She then contacted Isabel via 23andMe and informed her that they have the same DNA and that she was adopted from South Korea in 1985.

Emily stated:

“I received a mail from 23andMe stating that you have a relative match and that this relative is attempting to contact you. She was obviously a sister of some kind. I had no idea she was an identical twin sister at the time.”

Emily and her daughter then Googled Molly and looked at her videos and images, but even though it was obvious, she still had a hard time believing it was her sister. The two recounted their initial encounter, which Emily described as “the finest day of her life.” Molly said that they were both frightened, and she wondered whether Emily would resemble her.

Emily Bushnell

She went on to say:

“We both sobbed, and it was a very lovely moment. That day, our whole lives changed.”

The two discussed their childhood contrasts in their opening video for The Amazing Race, which was posted by Entertainment Weekly. They discussed how being on the program is about more than simply earning $1 million; it’s also about spending time together. On The Amazing Race Season 34, the public will learn how similar these reunited twins are as they compete for the cash prize and the crown.

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