Who Are Cecil Eikhard and June Eikhard? Meet Jana Agoncillo Parents: Family And Career

Jana Agoncillo’s parents, Cecil, and June Eikhard, have always encouraged their daughter’s acting career. Jana Agoncillo is a young and skilled actress who has won many Filipinos’ hearts with her remarkable acting abilities.

Agoncillo began performing at an early age and has since become a household name in the Philippines. Jana has amassed a significant fan following over the years, and people are constantly wondering about her past, particularly her family history. This article will go into depth regarding Jana Agoncillo’s parents, family history, and successful career.

Meet Jana Agoncillo’s Parents, Cecil and June Eikhard Jana

Cecil Eikhard and June Eikhard gave birth to Jana Agoncillo. Her parents are mostly unknown since they wish to maintain a low profile. Despite Jana Agoncillo’s success in the entertainment business, her parents have remained modest and down to earth. They have always pushed their daughter to follow her ambition of being an actress.

Jana Agoncillo

Jana’s parents instilled in her the value of education, and she has continued to study while pursuing her acting profession. She has shown excellent discipline and commitment in combining her education and work, which has contributed to her development as a well-rounded person. Her parents have always encouraged her ambitions, and her family is steeped in Filipino beliefs and customs.

Jana Agoncillo’s Professional Career

Jana Agoncillo began her acting career when she was five years old. She made her acting debut in the Philippine drama series “Be Careful With My Heart,” playing the young Maya. Her interpretation of the role garnered positive feedback, and she rapidly became a fan favorite.

Jana Agoncillo has since featured in a number of TV series and films. She has collaborated with some of the most well-known stars in Philippine entertainment, including Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Liza Soberano. Her significant works include the TV series Nathaniel, in which she played Abby, and the film Haunted Mansion, in which she portrayed Ella. She has also done voice-overs for animated films and has starred in various advertisements.

Jana Agoncillo

Jana Agoncillo A Former Child Star Is Now a Teen

Jana Agoncillo, a former child celebrity in the Philippines, has reached adolescence. The actress, who rose to prominence in famous TV dramas such as Dream Dad and Ningning, has matured in front of her admirers’ eyes. Jana, now 13, has been posting updates about her life on her social media profiles. Fans have noted how much she has grown and are excited to see her return to the screen. Jana rose to prominence after portraying Ningning in the eponymous ABS-CBN TV series in 2015. She subsequently starred in several TV dramas, such as Dream Dad and On the Wings of Love, as a young Leah (Nadine Lustre)

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