Where Can I Find a Copy Of The Batman Deleted Scene?

The film, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader in his early years of crime-fighting in Gotham City, was recently released. The film’s final titles, which opened to wonderful reviews, invite viewers to the marketing-oriented site Rataalada, where the Riddler quizzes people and rewards them with additional videos from the film and updates every few days if they respond right. And it’s a deleted scene this time that has everyone’s attention.

How can I get to the deleted scene from Batman?

The Batman
The Batman

The deleted sequence is not widely available to see in a classic Batman manner. Three puzzles must be solved by visitors to the Rataalada website.

“It’s not a joke, but sometimes you have to say it twice to properly mean it,” says the first. “Ha” is the solution to this puzzle. “Once you’ve been set up, it hits you at the end,” says the second. “Let’s get it done.” “A punchline,” is the response. “To wit: a wild card in the purest sense,” says the final one. “The joker” is the solution to this question.

Each user receives the same three riddles in a different order. Users are awarded a deleted scene from The Batman if they successfully answer the questions. If the third result is correctly answered, the users will already know who will appear in the deleted scene — the joker.

In the deleted clip, audiences get a nice look at the Joker.

Barry Keoghan’s Joker only appears in The Batman as a prisoner in the cell adjacent to Paul Dano’s Riddler at the end of the film. However, fans get a closer look at Keoghan at this moment since he wears the renowned Joker scar on his right face. Pattinson appears in the scene as a teenage superhero at Arkham who seeks the Joker’s assistance in catching the Riddler.

The fact that the Batman encounters the Joker before arresting the Riddler indicates that the two had already met, signaling the start of the Dark Knight’s difficult relationship with his arch-enemy. Fans noticed another detail in the scene that cemented Keoghan’s Joker’s presence in future Batman-verse content. While reports of multiple spin-off series, including one on the Penguin, coming to HBO Max were already confirmed earlier, fans noticed another detail in the scene that cemented Keoghan’s Joker’s presence in future Batman-verse content.

In this scenario, the Dark Knight gives the Joker a dossier on the Riddler and asks for his help. The paperclip on the documents in the file is gone when the Joker returns the files. It’s fair to infer that the Joker will use the footage to flee Arkham, implying a storyline or subplot for future Batman characters.

It’s unclear whether the Joker will appear in a sequel or the HBO Max series set in Arkham. Fans may expect to see more of Keoghan’s portrayal of the disturbed clown in the future.

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