What Role Did Alice Braga Play In The Movie “Hypnotic”?

Alice Braga is a well-known Brazilian actress and producer who recently co-starred in the thriller Hypnotic with Ben Affleck. In the film, Alice Braga portrays Diana Cruz, a psychologist with psychic abilities who joins forces with Affleck’s character, Danny, to recover his daughter and bring down the hidden group responsible for her kidnapping. Meanwhile, William Fichtner portrays the film’s major adversary, a mystery bank robber, and mastermind.

Braga’s acting career started in her home country of Brazil, where she appeared in numerous critically praised films such as City of God, Lower City, and Only God Knows. She subsequently rose to worldwide prominence after starring with Will Smith in I Am Legend, and she has since become a famous figure in Hollywood.

Alice Braga has appeared in numerous prominent Hollywood films, including The Suicide Squad.

Alice Braga was born and reared in the Brazilian state of So Paulo. Her mother, Ana Braga, and aunt, Sônia Braga, are also actors, and Alice regularly accompanied them to film sets as a child, igniting her passion for acting. Her career started with appearances in school plays and advertisements. She began auditioning for parts in television and movies as a youngster. Her breakthrough came when she was cast as Angélica in the highly acclaimed crime drama City of God, for which she won a Cinema Brazil Grand Prize nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Alice Braga

Alice Braga has appeared in many Hollywood films, including Elysium, in which she portrayed Frey Santiago with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, and The Shack, in which she played Sophia alongside Octavia Spencer and Sam Worthington, both of which were based on the book of the same name. She also acted in the superhero horror thriller The New Mutants as Cecilia Reyes in the superhero action picture The Suicide Squad as Cecilia Reyes. Braga lives between Los Angeles, California, and So Paulo, Brazil in her personal life. She disclosed in January 2020 that she had been in a three-year relationship with actress Bianca Comparato.

Alice Braga co-stars with Ben Affleck In Hypnotic.

After almost two decades of waiting and surviving two COVID-19 lockdowns, Robert Rodriguez’s Hypnotic has finally completed post-production. The first trailer for the film was published recently, and although more editing remains, there’s a decent possibility that Rodriguez will finally be able to complete his dream project and present it to the public. Hypnotic originated as a script in 2002, and Robert Rodriguez referred to it as “one of his favorite stories.”

Ben Affleck plays Daniel Rourke, a seasoned investigator who loses his daughter under inexplicable circumstances and goes into the underground world of psychics in the film. The film, which is based on the conspiracy idea that psychics have mind-bending abilities, promises to be an exciting journey with surprising twists and turns.

Alice Braga

Alice Braga is a talented actress and producer who has worked in both Brazilian and Hollywood films. Her performance in Hypnotic demonstrates her acting versatility and ability to separate from other outstanding performers. Braga is certain to remain a prominent role in the sector, with a wealth of previous and forthcoming initiatives.

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