What Is The Setlist For BTS’s PTD Seoul 2022 Concert? The Show’s Director Drops Hints

BTS’s Permission to Dance On Stage – Seoul concert setlist will be revamped as a gift for ARMYs. According to the show’s director, Ha Jung-Jae, who has waited a long time, the director discussed the upcoming concert with the Korean news site OSEN—sharing specifics about the enhanced technology the group would be employing.

Ha, Jung-Jae revealed that the group would perform previously unseen songs. And even identified the two pieces that the seven members are excited to perform – ON and Black Swan.

ARMYs have already submitted a vast list of iconic songs for the group to perform, and it appears that some of them will be included in the upcoming show.

BTS’ PTD Seoul 2022 concert

The show’s director discusses the PTD Seoul 2022 concert setlist, claiming that BTS will perform previously unseen songs.

About the highly anticipated future event. On March 8, OSEN reported on BTS’s PTD Seoul 2022 concert director Ha Jung-remarks Jae’s. The director revealed that the group would modify the setlists for each show to provide fans with a more immersive experience.


Fans who had waited nearly two and a half years for the trio to appear in the country were given the setlist. The goal of the team and the group, according to Ha Jung-Jae. It is for the artists to feel closer to the audience and vice versa.

They will construct giant LED screens, previously seen at a recent PTD. Concert in Los Angeles to provide fans with a rich experience. And the group to get a better look at each other. These are the most giant LED screens and were designed explicitly for ARMY.

They will also have movable LED’ screens that can “move up and down and back and forth” to present fans with different perspectives and make the shows more colorful.

The show is for those patiently waiting for a long time. As a result, Ha Jung-Jae discussed the significance of selecting a setlist and the process. They also weighed the group’s and fans’ preferences and put the complete discography on the table from the start.

“Unlike the previous performance, where the playlist was primarily comprised of songs from the album unit, this performance began at the beginning.” We put up all of BTS’s songs and finished the setlist by discussing with seven members the songs that they had never performed in face-to-face performances, the songs that BTS wanted to show their fans, and the songs that fans wanted to see.”

The team concentrated primarily on group music rather than individual tunes. On a recent live stream, Jin revealed that he had hoped to sing Super Tuna but that it had been denied because it was his solo song.

ON and Black Swan from the album Map of the Soul. Seven are included in the setlist, according to Ha Jung-Jae. He stated,

“Both songs are emblematic of large-scale performances, and we’ve been working hard to prepare for large-scale dancer performances.”

There was also talk of BTS releasing a new song as a surprise for their fans. Though the seven-member boy band has been touring the United States, its most recent performance in South Korea was Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [THE FINAL] in October 2019.

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