What is Joey’s Favorite Food On Friends?

Joey is one of the most beloved characters from Friends for a reason. Regardless of his philandering and buffoonish personality, he is the most trustworthy and loyal buddy anybody could possibly have.

Fans of Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani in Friends are aware of his passion for food (which he does not share). Every other thought of the character is centered on satiating his hunger, to the point of being a running gag, yet his love for food is very comprehensible.

In various cases, the character has uttered some unusual things about food. Tribbianis, he once claimed, may not be outstanding academics or global leaders, but they know how to eat.

Tribbiani is, without a doubt, the most real of the six buddies, thanks to his sincere and loyal qualities. He considered pizza delivery people to be his friends, ate chips to warm himself before devouring a whole Thanksgiving turkey, and was the only one who liked Rachel’s horrible meat-custard dessert.

Joey Tribbiani would sacrifice his life for ‘The Joey Special’ and four other foods.

1) Sub with meatballs

Joey’s devotion to the meatball sub sandwich is unwavering. He even went so far as to defend the world’s finest sandwich from what the boys – Ross, Chandler, and Joey – mistook for gunfire (it turns out it was just a carbackfire). Joey isn’t known for sharing food, but in this episode, he shared a portion of his favorite sandwich with Chandler to show him how much he meant to him.

Joey is so fond of meatball sandwiches that Rachel and his sister Dina utilize them to divert his attention away from Dina’s pregnancy.

2) Joey’s Special

Friendship and pizza are two things that can always brighten one’s day. Over the course of the show’s ten-year run, pizza was featured in nearly every episode, most of the time in Joey’s hands. This is understandable given that all of the characters are New Yorkers with great taste.

Because it’s two pizzas, every Friends fan knows that ‘The Joey Special’ is the finest sort of pizza. Tribbiani’s nearly obsessive obsession with the New York specialty is well remembered by admirers.

3) Monica’s jam

The finest method to repair a shattered heart, it is stated, and thought is with delicious cuisine. Monica embarks on a jam-making binge following her breakup with Richard, much to Joey’s joy. She produces a lot of jam and is thinking about turning it into a company.

Regardless, no one is more ecstatic than Joey when he hears this: he gets to eat free jam. The foodie consumes jam directly from the jar and is devastated when Monica tells them that she will no longer be producing it. Chandler even attempts to persuade Joey to choose between jam and ladies, to which he boldly responds:

“Join your hands in a fist.”

4) Thanksgiving turkey

Nobody is more disappointed than Joey Tribbiani when Monica says that she will not be serving turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Tribbiani even engages in a heated debate with Phoebe, in which the latter tries to explain the animal’s beauty. He does, however, conclude their talk by saying that it tastes great.

Monica prepares the turkey on one condition: he must consume it all in one sitting. The sandwich connoisseur departs halfway through his lunch and returns wearing Phoebe’s maternity clothes for added comfort. He finishes the turkey, predictably, with the Tribbiani name soaring high.

5) Rachel’s English trifle

Rachel’s English trifle is possibly the most memorable of the show’s delicacies. Rachel produced a typical British dish piled with ladyfingers, jam, custard, raspberries, and beef sautéed with peas and onions, topped with whipped cream and banana, and things started to go south.

While the trifle is a nightmare for the rest of the group, Joey steps in, demonstrating his unrivaled love for food. He expresses his enjoyment of the trifling. Despite Ross’s complaint that it tastes like feet, Joey enjoyed it right away for obvious reasons:

“What’s not to enjoy about that? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Beef? GOOD!”

Joey’s enthusiasm for food might be a touch out of hand at times, but who can deny having food-related thoughts at least a few times a day? He just has a larger appetite and a stronger desire for eating than a normal individual. In fact, if Friends were to mysteriously return to television, he would constantly be talking about today’s trendiest foods.

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