What Is Connor Bird Doing Now? Know About Larry Bird’s Son

Connor Bord is the son of Larry Bird, a former NBA player, and his wife, Dinah Mattingly. While Larry Bird hasn’t played in quite some time, his name remains prominent in basketball history.

Another aspect of Larry’s legacy that may pique people’s interest is his family, particularly his children. Connor and his sister aren’t as well known as their father, despite the fact that the 65-year-old has a happy relationship with them.

They live a relatively ordinary life, with their names appearing in the mainstream media only a few times. See some of Connor’s most memorable moments in the gallery below. Also, read about his life; his career, his current whereabouts, the current state of his personal life, and so on.

Connor Bird
Connor Bird Parents (Source: Pinterest)

Connor Bird Biography

He was born in 1992 as the adoptive son of ex-small forward Larry Bird and his wife Dinah. He may have attended Indiana University in the past.

The athlete’s son also spent some of his childhood in Naples, Florida. This was following his father’s departure from the Celtics. While still in Florida, Connor spent many evenings with his father watching Miami Heat games.

Quick Facts

Full Name Connor Bird
Birth Name Connor Bird
Profession Celebrity Son
Nationality American
Birth Country USA
Father Name Larry Bird
Father Profession Former player
Mother Name Dinah Mattingly
Mother Profession Housewife
Gender Identity Male
Marital Status Single
Networth 75000000

Larry Bird, the Indiana Pacers’ special advisor, and Dinah Mattingly, his adoptive parents, married in October 1989. Dinah and Larry had met at Indiana State University.

Despite the fact that they had no biological children, they decided to expand their family by adopting Connor and Mariah.

The six-foot-nine-inch-tall small forward has yet to reveal the true parents of his two children. Conner was a toddler during his father’s Olympic gold medal campaign in 1992 in Barcelona.

Connor Bird Siblings

Connor has two siblings, Mariah Bird and Corrie Bird, as well as a half-sister, Corrie Bird. When last reported, his sister Mariah Bird was a real estate agent and manager. She oversees Event Activations and Venues.

Mariah previously worked as an intern for PS&E after graduating with honors from Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management. She later worked for PS&E as an event and special projects coordinator.

Bird’s attorneys requested a paternity test for Connor’s half-sister, Corrie, shortly after her birth. However, Corrie was already a toddler when the results revealed that she was Larry’s child. She hadn’t seen much of her father.

Meanwhile, Larry was dating Dinah and refusing to be involved in his daughter’s life, a decision he admits haunts him to this day. Later, the 1964 round 1 draftee decided to financially support his daughter from his first marriage, but he had little contact with her.

Connor Bird’s Father, Larry Bird

Larry Bird was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana to Georgia (née Kerns) and Claude Joseph “Joe” Bird, a Korean War veteran. Connor’s adoptive grandparents were of Irish, Scottish, and Native American ancestry on both sides of his family.

Larry, his father, has stated that being poor as a child still motivates him “to this day.” Joe, Connor’s grandfather, committed suicide shortly after his divorce from Georgia.

Connor Bird Had Troubles With The Law In 2013

Although Connor is the celebrity son who receives the least amount of attention, he did garner some media attention back in February 2013.

The then-21-year-old son of an NBA legend met with law enforcement, though not in a friendly manner; police arrested him at Indiana University after he allegedly attempted to run over a former girlfriend in Bloomington with his car.

Connor allegedly attempted to run over the woman with his Dodge Charger in the parking lot of Indiana Memorial Stadium. Bird could face charges of battery with injury, criminal mischief, intimidation with a deadly weapon, and marijuana possession, according to University Police Chief Keith Cash at the time.

In February 2013, the son of Larry and Dinah was charged with three misdemeanors: criminal recklessness with a vehicle, possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana, and battery for allegedly hitting the 20-year-old woman’s wrist with a cell phone.

Conner and his ex-girlfriend were arguing in the former’s car on campus, according to police. Bird allegedly attempted to hit Connor’s ex with his car after she exited the car to walk home.

According to the Indiana University police department, Connor threw his phone at his bae during the argument. According to the police, after Connor and the ex-girlfriend got into an argument at Bird’s Bloomington apartment, the former Boston Celtic’s son threw a cell phone at the woman.

Later, Connor went to his ex-house girlfriend’s and took her to a parking lot to talk about things. They sparked another fight there, and the woman got out of Bird’s car, intending to walk back to her house.

Connor Bird Was Found Guilty Of Trying To Kill His Girlfriend

In April 2014, a year after “the running over” incident, the court found Connor guilty of a lesser charge in a case in which he was accused of nearly running down a former girlfriend with his car.

Connor entered into a deferred sentence agreement and pleaded guilty to criminal recklessness. On the other hand, the court decided to dismiss his case on the condition that he successfully complete a 12-month compliance agreement filed in Monroe Circuit Court.

The judge stated that if he committed no further crimes, participated in a mentoring program, and completed all required treatment and counseling, the case would be dismissed. Connor’s attempt to run over a woman was not his first run-in with the law; in 2011, police charged him with disorderly conduct and illegal alcohol consumption. The case never got that far because it was resolved through Monroe County’s pre-trial diversion program.

What Is Connor Bird Up To These Days?

Since his second hearing in mid-2014, Connor, the only son of the Indiana Pacers coach, has become a sort of finished name. As a result, it’s unclear what the Jr. Bird has been up to recently.

Another thing that has me perplexed in the case of Connor Bird is the whereabouts of his wifely details. Aside from the infamous incident with his girlfriend in 2013, he has failed to gain positive media attention.

Furthermore, his absence from social media makes it difficult for anyone to determine whether he has a wife or, at the very least, a girlfriend.

A Net Worth Comparison Of Connor Bird And His Father

Connor’s father was a lethal scorer as well as a fierce competitor during his time with the Boston Celtics. These two facts, along with his three NBA championships, helped him command a sizable salary.

Despite earning slightly more than $24 million in the NBA and amassing a massive net worth, the three-time NBA Champion remained a simple man with common interests. Despite his fame and fortune, he found his greatest pleasures in the most ordinary of places.

In addition to his NBA salary, Connor made a lot of money from endorsement deals and his post-playing career as an NBA executive. The salary and other benefits of being a professional basketball player contributed to his net worth of more than $75 million.

However, no comparable details are available when it comes to Larry and Dinah’s son’s net worth. The context is largely due to his apparent ambiguity among the newshounds. In any case, it appears improbable that Connor is wealthy in the domain of his multimillionaire father.

Did Connor Bird Play Basketball Professionally?

While Connor was a fan of the NBA and his father’s team, the Pacers, as a teenager, whether he ever played professionally is a mystery. The unsettling aspect of his personal story is that, aside from the title, the son of an NBA Hall of Famer, Connor is almost a phantom moniker.

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