What If Itachi From Naruto Never Killed The Uchiha Family?

Despite his little screen time, Itachi Uchiha became one of Naruto’s most recognizable characters. He is regarded not just as a prodigy of his clan but also as a Shinobi of Konoha.

Itachi joined Anbu at the age of 12 and was promoted to captain the following year. He used to think like a Hokage even when he was only seven years old.

Itachi has had one of the most traumatic pasts in Naruto’s history. He was held responsible for everything by annihilating his whole clan and family, leaving his younger brother, Sasuke, to avoid an impending war under Danzo’s instructions. Although he was an unsung hero, he had the potential to be the best if he hadn’t perpetrated the Uchiha Genocide.


What would happen if Itachi never massacred Konoha’s family and clan in ‘Naruto’?

Many things in Naruto would have been different if Itachi had never taken the route he was meant to take. Sasuke would be able to live a normal life free of trauma and agony. To begin with, he would have been a different person, such as being courteous to his teammates.

No one would be a better candidate for the role of Fifth Hokage than Itachi, who is known for being a genius and a formidable Shinobi.

The Uchiha clan will ascend to become the most powerful and dominating Shinobi clan in the world and will be unbeatable. They will be the most powerful clan not only in Konoha but across the Shinobi World.

Danzo, on the other hand, would have been wiped out before getting his hands on Shisui’s Sharingan.

Without Itachi, Akatsuki would never have grown into a powerful coalition, and the Fourth Great Ninja War would have ended long before it began. Itachi, wielding the Will of Fire, would finally defeat his clan’s Curse of Hatred and ascend to the position of leader, guiding them on the correct way to peace.

The Uchiha are deeply committed to love, although they tend to keep their romantic feelings hidden. When love is gone, it may quickly devolve into utter hatred. They experience more hatred than anybody else because they love more than everyone else. Being an Uchiha has its drawbacks.

Furthermore, no one would dare to oppose Itachi if he rose to the position of clan leader.

There may be a different future for Itachi and Konoha, but the entire plot would have been different if he hadn’t slaughtered his tribe and family. Naruto might not have turned out to be the predicted hero, and Sasuke would never have been the strongest Uchiha of all time as he is now.

Whatever happens, happens for a reason, as the saying goes. All of the previous events steered the characters on the right path. Now, the fate of Konoha lies in the hands of two of the world’s most formidable Shinobis: Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

It was also Itachi Uchiha who made his brother the strongest by pushing him towards anguish and anger. His approach was unconventional, but he didn’t have an option.

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