What Happened To Max Verstappen ?

On Lap 39 of the Australian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen retired, but what happened to the Red Bull driver? Did it have an impact on Sergio Perez? So far in 2022, Max Verstappen’s title defense has been hit or miss. The Dutchman has either retired or claimed victory in all three races. A fuel pick-up issue in Bahrain was followed by a win in Saudi Arabia. However, he has a chance to win again in Australia if he finishes in the top half of the race at Albert Park. But what happened to Max Verstappen that resulted in his DNF and retirement from the Australian Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (Source: Pinterest)

What Happened To Max Verstappen?

Verstappen, who had struggled all weekend in his RB18, started second behind Charles Leclerc. Throughout the early safety cars and virtual safety cars in Melbourne for Carlos Sainz Jr and Sebastian Vettel, the #1 remained in second place behind the Ferrari. Verstappen attempted to pass a slow Leclerc on the Vettel restart but failed to make it stick.

Verstappen was unable to keep up with the Monegasque, and he began to disappear down the road. Verstappen crossed the line for his 39th tour with a lead of about eight seconds on Lap 38. However, race engineer GianPiero Lambiase instructed him to bring the car to a halt at Turn 2.

Why Was He Told To Stop?

Verstappen claimed he smelled a “weird fluid” coming from his car as it came to a halt. As flames could be seen from the rear, he quickly sought assistance from marshals with a fire extinguisher after jumping out.

Sergio Perez, who finished second behind Leclerc, was unaffected by the issue. This means that Leclerc has 71 points out of a possible 78 to begin the season, with Verstappen in fourth place with 25 points. George Russell is currently in second place with 37 points, while Lewis Hamilton is in fifth place with 28.

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