What Happened To Doja Cat? As a Singer “Quits” Music In Paraguay, The Drama Is Recounted

After an online fight with her Paraguayan followers, Doja Cat has chosen to “leave” her music career. On March 24, the singer apologized on Twitter for not putting on a “good enough” display for her Thursday performance in Brazil.

She also thanked her supporters for their support during the concert and pledged to improve her performance in the future. Doja penned,

“I don’t believe I gave Brazil a good enough concert today, and I apologize for that, but thank you for coming out; I f***ing love you, and thank God we have another performance tomorrow; I promise I’ll do better.”

Fans in Paraguay reacted angrily to the singer’s statement, accusing her of ignoring her event in the nation, which was canceled due to a raging storm.

The Say So singer declared her retirement from the music profession after a series of violent disagreements with her fans. Doja also changed her Twitter display name to “I quit” after making her statement, further confirming her decision.

Why Did Doja Cat’s Event In Paraguay Get Cancel?

Doja Cat, who is presently on tour in South America, was unable to perform at her scheduled engagement in Paraguay due to a weather delay. Several fans were disappointed and angry by the cancellation.

Paraguayan fans lambasted the 26-year-old for not noting the situation in Paraguay and not uploading “a single photo, a single tweet, or a single Instagram story” addressing the cancellation while she posted about her current show in Brazil.

Some followers claimed in a series of now-deleted tweets that they waited outside Doja’s hotel in the rain, but she did not come out to welcome them. The singer reacted quickly to the accusation, saying,

“The concert was canceled due to a storm in Paraguay.” There was no one waiting for me outside the motel the next morning as I departed. Allow that to sink in.”

One user referred to the Woman hitmaker as “public enemy number one” in another deleted remark. She then responded by stating, “I’m sorry.”

As the online fight between Doja and Paraguay fans grew more heated, the singer expressed her displeasure, claiming she didn’t need the critics to accept her acts and requesting that people “unfollow” her. She also added in another tweet,

“I f****n quit, and I can’t wait to f****n vanish. I don’t need you to believe in me any more.” Everything is dead to me, even music, and I’m a f****n fool for ever believing I was created for this. “Do not follow me.”

Journalist Roberto Rojas also chimed in on the drama, telling Doja that she would not be able to defeat the Paraguayans. The musician responded by saying,

“Now that I’ve moved on, I’m just going to let everyone be furious.”

Doja Cat stated her wish to leave her music career shortly after and changed her Twitter display name to reflect this emotion.

Fans Respond To Doja Cat’s Decision To Retire From The Music Industry

Doja Cat declared her wish to leave the music industry in the aftermath of her feud with Paraguayan fans. Many of her admirers and followers were taken aback by her quick choice and social media remarks.

Several Twitter users also reacted to the singer’s choice, slamming the critics and accusing them of abusing her online. As internet opinions continue to flow in, it will be interesting to see if Doja Cat acknowledges the issue and reconsiders her career choice in the coming days.

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