What Did Emma Claiir Say? Was Dropped From Multiple Brands And Fans Were Outraged

Emma Claiir, an Australian influencer and co-host of the podcast Simply Chaotic, has admitted to killing animals as a youngster. Unsurprisingly, the content creator’s followers were upset and mercilessly harassed her online. As a result, numerous of the firms she worked with dismissed her as an ambassador. She has since apologized for what she did.

In a podcast broadcast earlier this week, Emma Claiir admitted to murdering her cat. She stated:

“I murdered my pet… My sister had not spoken to me in months, and my mother was angry at me, and sure, I killed it. And, if you’re truly curious about me, I also murdered my best friend’s cat.”

Surprisingly, the influencer received massive criticism on social media. In response, she informed her fans that they “needed to chill” since the event occurred “21 years ago.” Claiir further informed her supporters that she has “been the best mother to multiple cats” since the incident, including her kitty Fred. In the Instagram story, the influencer also stated:

“It’s some light comedy in a get to know us episode, and if you can’t handle that, simply chaotic isn’t for you… Simply chaotic is a place for all the hot messes out there to be themselves without fear of being judged.”

She concluded her remark by stating, “sorry not sorry for having a giggle about it.”

Who exactly is Emma Claiir?

Emma Claiir

Emma Claiir, a Sydney-based influencer, is 28 years old. She mostly posts lifestyle and motherhood stuff on her social media platforms. She has 107K followers on her Instagram account, where she routinely updates them on what is going on in her life. She and Kristy Jean co-created the Simply Chaotic podcast. Several large businesses dismissed her as an ambassador after she received a widespread reaction on social media for posting her horrible cat tale. MCoBeauty was one of several cosmetic brands who indicated on their Instagram stories that they would “no longer be working with Emma in the future.” They also said that they “do not condone animal cruelty of any kind.”

Princess Polly, a fashion brand, also declared on Instagram that they would no longer collaborate with the content producer. According to their official statement, their company “has a zero-tolerance stance on any form of animal abuse.” Lust Minerals was another business among several that announced the end of their association with the influencer.

Emma Claiir

Evidently, numerous netizens were opposing the mom-fluencer, causing her online popularity to fall. Claiir came to Instagram to apologize after being repeatedly cancelled by the online star. She said that she “thought about” her “actions” and wanted to let her fans know that she felt “empathy for the situation,” something she is not proud of. She continued, saying:

“I am a person who loves all living things and has been the most amazing cat mum to multiple cats and dogs.” I am now a loving mother to a little son and have obviously matured from that young 9-year-old. I apologize once again to anyone who has been affected.”

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