“We’re Here” Season 3 Is Set To Be Released On HBO

We’re Here, HBO’s Emmy-Winning Unscripted Series will return for its third season on Friday, November 25, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The next season of the program will follow three drag queens, Eureka O’Hara, Shangela, and Bob the Drag Queen, as they travel throughout small-town America “The art of drag is about sharing love and connection.” Season 3 of We’re Here will take the queens to St. George, Utah, Brevard County, Florida, Granbury, Texas, Jackson, Mississippi, and Sussex, New Jersey. They will gather a broad collection of local folks to tell their tales here. The show’s synopsis is as follows:

“In each town, the queens empower their “drag daughters” to be their true selves in front of their families, friends, and communities, even when they face rising hostility and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.”

The third season of We’re Here begins with Texas.

The third season premiere of We’re Here will broadcast on Friday in Granbury, Texas. In the upcoming season, queens Eureka O’Hara, Shangela, and Bob the Drag Queen will share the experiences of the recruited inhabitants. They will also raise awareness and acceptance in their communities by performing in one-night drag performances. All of the queens have previously participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race. Shangela, who is also a contestant on Dancing With the Stars season 31, said that the trip was driven “now more than ever” to take place “”Please share and spotlight these vital tales that ought to be aired across our nation.”

“Because of everything going on in America, as well as the current political atmosphere, [there is a] need for more exposure and representation for all of us. Particularly in these outlying areas.”

We're Here

The We’re Here clip debuted in early November, teasing what fans may expect to see in the next season. The teaser begins with the three queens walking around the locations they are visiting, displaying some of their magnificent gowns. Shangela goes on to say:

“We’d swear we were in Jurassic Park. Do you know how the glass in the water begins to shake? That’s our heels approaching!”

Then Eureka asks, “Where are the homosexuals hiding?” before watching a montage of some of the We’re Here residents who will be sharing their tales and performing in drag performances in the upcoming season. The trailer also features protesters from several places. Some of them even refer to Bob as an “abomination.” Shangela says to the cameras:

“This has been unlike any previous experience we’ve had with this program.”

The documentary show’s third season will premiere in December 2021. Nina Rosenstein, executive vice president of HBO Programming, remarked on the program at the time:

“We’re Here’s brilliance is that, although taking place in tiny villages, the series has had an extremely inspirational ripple effect that extends well beyond those areas. We’re excited for another season to continue inspiring and showcasing some strong drag!”

We're Here

Season 3 of We’re Here is conceived and executive produced by Johnnie Ingram and Stephen Warren. The show’s series producers are “Eureka” D. Huggard (Eureka O’Hara), Caldwell Tidicue (Bob the Drag Queen), and D.J. Pierce (Shangela). On Friday, HBO will premiere the new season of We’re Here. The show’s episodes will air weekly on HBO and will also be available to watch on HBO Max.

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