Watch How This Baby Elephant Protects Her Own Territory From Dog!

When we watched this cute video, we had a complete cuteness overdose. Who would have thought that dogs and elephants could get along so well? Who knew elephants could be aggressive toward others? Without a doubt, we didn’t. In this video, a young elephant and an obedient but insistent dog playfully and sweetly interact. There can be no denying the fact that elephants are magnificent and majestic animals. They are not to be trifled with, as seen by their extreme size! They have enormous, floppy ears that are simply adorable.

While their mother keeps an eye on them, young elephants are free to act anyway they want, and they frequently put on a spectacular show for us. We find young, developing elephants to be quite intriguing, and we like seeing them interact with their surroundings and other elephants.

Under three years old, elephant calves are still very dependent on their parents. In order to learn and progressively form their own identities, young elephants frequently mimic their elders.

Young elephants are often seen doing strangely, such as sticking their trunks into the mouths of their more experienced cousins, eating other elephants’ dung, and attempting to pick up objects. Now, a lot of stuff might seem weird, but everything has a purpose. Elephant calves still need to develop their bush navigation sᴋɪʟʟs. Young elephants are putting their trunks into those of others to sample the food that the elder elephants are consuming.

Let’s Watch How This Baby Elephant Protects Her Own Territory From Dog in a hilarious video below:

Source: elephantnews

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