Warren Beatty Is Sued By A Louisiana Lady Over A 1973 Incident

On Monday, November 7, 2022, Kristina Charlotte Hirsch allegedly filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court. She stated that when she was 14 or 15 years old, the actor pushed her into having a physical connection with him. According to the Guardian, the action did not identify Beatty. It did, however, call him “a distinguished and well-known actor and producer who was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal as Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde.”

Warren Beatty’s charges

Kristina Charlotte Hirsch, a woman, filed a complaint against actor Warren Beatty. She accused him of forcing her into an improper relationship while she was still a juvenile in 1973. Hirsch said she first encountered Beatty, then 35, on the set of The Parallax View and that he paid her “undue attention” at the time. She said that the star “repeatedly” complimented her appearance and handed her his phone number. The lady alleged that Beatty continued to phone her, take her on vehicle trips, and invite her to the hotel where he was staying. She further claimed that the Golden Globe winner volunteered to assist her with her schoolwork and began chatting about “virginity.”

Warren Beatty

According to the civil statement, Warren Beatty exploited his celebrity to corrupt Hirsch, despite the fact that she was a “little kid” at the time. It goes on to say that Beatty used his position to “coerce s*xual contact” with Hirsch on many occasions. The lady also accused Beatty of “predatory grooming,” calling his activities “oppressive, nasty, and vile.” He acted “intentionally and with knowing disdain for [her] rights and safety,” she said. Hirsch said that she was “first pleased” by Warren Beatty’s attention because she believed they were in a “romantic connection.”

Kristina Charlotte Hirsch is now suing for psychological, mental, and emotional anguish. She said that the experience had made it difficult for her to deal with “those in positions of power.”

Warren Beatty
She also said that the abuse had caused her to struggle with “trust and control.” Hirsch’s lawsuit against Beatty was brought in accordance with a 2019 California legislation that established a three-year “lookback window” for child abuse charges in instances that would otherwise be barred owing to the statute of limitations. Hirsch is represented by Jeff Anderson & Associates attorneys Michael Reck and Michael Finnegan. Meanwhile, Warren Beatty and his staff had remained silent and have not replied to the allegations as of the time of writing.

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