Wahida Djebbara- Know About Mother Of Karim Benzema

Wahida Djebbara is the mother of Karim Benzema, a French professional footballer. He is a striker for the Spanish club Real Madrid as well as the French national team.

Wahida Djebbara is originally from Algeria. Lyon is where she was born and raised. Karim is one of France’s best players. He is also regarded as one of the best strikers in the game. His passion for football began at a young age. He began his football career in 1995, began his senior career in 2004, and has not looked back since.

Wahida Djebbara With Son Karim
Wahida Djebbara With Son Karim

Quick Facts

Full Name Wahida Djebbara
First Name Wahida
Last Name Djebbara
Profession Celebrity Parent
Nationality French
Birth Place
Birth Country France
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Hafid Benzema
No Of Children 9

Wahida Djebbara Married Life

Wahida Djebbara is married to Hafid Benzema, a strict disciplinarian. They have a sizable family. Karim, Sofia Benzema, Nafissa Benzema, Lydia Benzema, Laeticia Benzema, Farid Benzema, Gressy Benzema, and Sabri Benzema are their nine children.

Life was difficult for the family in the past because they had so many children and lived in a violent neighborhood with a high crime rate, but they overcame all of their difficulties and are now in a happy place.

Gressy and Sabri are both football players who frequently seek advice from Karim on technique and football strategies. Karim assists his brothers, with whom he has a close relationship.

Wahida Djebbara Net Worth

Wahida Djebbara has not revealed her net worth yet, so it is difficult to guess her net worth exactly, but her son Karim has a net worth of $70 Million as of May 2023.

Karim And Father Hafid Benzema

Karim had made a mistake when he was younger. He had been involved in criminal activity, and it was difficult to keep him away from it all, but his father Hafid did it. This may come as a surprise to many of Karim’s fans.

He disciplined and controlled all of his children, as well as Karim before things got out of hand. He is the family’s police officer, according to Wahida.

Karim Was Introvert

The Karim we see now has a backstory that explains how he became this character. He began playing football at a young age and was an introvert as a child. He was often quiet and didn’t say much to people.

As a result, he received a lot of criticism for his unfriendly demeanor, but on the inside, he was suffering from homesickness and had been since he was a child. And as a result of all the pressure, he was subjected to, he began to shape the character we see today.

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