Waffler69 A Foodie Passed Away At The Age Of 33

Taylor (@Wafffler69), a TikTok celebrity renowned for uploading videos of herself eating strange meals and snacks, died on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, at the age of 33. Clayton, his brother, verified the awful news, explaining that he died of a “presumed heart attack.”

The culinary influencer had 1.7 million followers and over 32.8 million likes across all of his posts. His movies provided amusing and real-time comments on the flavor of many unusual meals and cuisines, almost like a review for anybody who wished to sample them. He often compared the same culinary products from several fast-food places. Clayton, who goes by the handle @claydorm, used the video-sharing network to share the heartbreaking news that his brother died on Thursday, January 12, 2023. Clayton, according to TMZ, died of a “presumed heart attack” late Wednesday evening.

Taylor, according to Claydorm, contacted his mother from his Louisiana home when he started to feel ill. Following this, he requested an ambulance to transport him to the hospital, but he died while there. He said that his father and grandparents also had inherited cardiac issues. Fans of the TikToker flocked to social media to express their shock and grief at his death.


“What a precious soul lost much too soon” – Netizens grieve Waffler69’s death.

Internet users paid their respects to Waffler69 and offered their sympathies to his family. They noted that he was gone too soon and that he constantly smiled in his postings, describing him as wholesome. Many people praised him for being a genuine guy who made everyone’s life better. Some people remembered Taylor’s transformation from a modest TikToker to a popular gourmet. Others requested that health and fitness networks refrain from making fun of him or creating condescending films about him.

Some utilized his odd food-eating habits to pay respect to Waffler69. In Taylor’s honor, one user, @tinman2687, said he would eat dollar-store egg rolls. He said, ”

More About Waffler69

Taylor has been tinkering with food for more than 16 years. His eating habits lead him to experiment with unusual foods such as watermelon-flavored toast, canned cheeseburgers, 1989 Batman cereal, edible chalk, and octopus spaghetti. Many of his films featured him eating food on a VHS tape, DVD, or even a book, giving his work a retro atmosphere. He soon expanded to offer Waffler goods in Camero and developed his Waffler Spice seasoning business.


Claydorm requested people to revisit his brother’s videos in order to preserve his brother’s legacy, saying:

“Maintain his life. He enjoyed making others happy.”

Claydorm also created a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Waffler69’s burial and other costs, and he thanked everyone who contributed. Within the first 11 hours of its introduction, the page surpassed its $10,000 objective.

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