Vietnamese Girl Group DREAMeR Is Accused Of Plagiarizing BLACKPINK’s Comeback Teasers

DREAMeR, a new Vietnamese female group, has been accused of stealing BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK idea. On September 14, 2022, a fan on Twitter noted parallels between DREAMeR’s member introductions and return dates and the album conceptions of the PINK VENOM vocalists. Fans demanded that YG Entertainment prosecute them for plagiarism after the post went viral on social media.

The design of DREAMeR’s introductory teaser of the two new members closely resembled the K-pop group’s current idea. MiiNa and Bo Uyên, the debut group’s third and fourth members, were announced on April 12 and September 14, 2022, respectively. Furthermore, their return itinerary poster is similar to BLACKPINK’s global tour announcement teaser.

Fans find a new Vietnamese female group that has brazenly copied BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK concept design.

A new Vietnamese girl group is forming, but they’ve already grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons. Even before their debut, DREAMeR members Ph Phng Anh, RIN9, and MiiNa were involved in a plagiarism scandal. Dreamer Entertainment, the group’s agency, has come under fire from the BLINK fans for stealing BLACKPINK’s return photographs. The eeriness of the makeup, design, color, stance, positioning, and text makes it impossible to be anything other than a straight copy-paste notion.


Three images were considered contentious. The first was MiiNa’s introductory post, which was published on April 12. Rose’s On the Ground concept photographs were comparable to the singers. The purple clothing, close-ups, flowers, lighting, and stances were all similar to the K-pop idol’s photos. On September 13, the second picture, which was thought to be a replica of their return timetable, was shared. BORN PINK’s global tour announcement poster, with two pink thunderbolts at the top and a pink script on a black snakeskin backdrop, was disturbingly similar.

The poster for the K-pop girl group included pink fangs at the top and bottom, as well as pink letters on a black-pink gradient backdrop. It was published on August 8th. The most recent photograph that was an identical replica was Bo Uyên’s introductory image, which was uploaded on September 14. The image resembled Lisa’s PINK VENOM concept teaser. The fractured glass, pastel pink outfit, haircut, long nails, and posture were all reminiscent of BLACKPINK’s teaser.


Netizens dug further after seeing Bo Uyên’s concept teaser and discovered more photos that seemed to be lifted directly from the PINK VENOM vocalists’ designs. The plagiarism controversy split fans. Half of the fans assumed it was a marketing ploy to reach a larger audience since the images bore an uncanny similarity to one of the most popular K-pop girl group ideas. They also advised individuals to block or ignore the issue.

Another section of the fanbase used puking emojis to flood the Vietnamese group members’ Instagram posts. They also named YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK, asking for legal action from the agencies. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will be back with BORN PINK on Friday, September 16, 2022.

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