Victoria Revealed Her Relationship With Greg Grippo At The “Bachelor in Paradise” Reunion

The last part of Bachelor in Paradise season 8 aired on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The two-hour episode included the majority of the cast members coming to the program for one last time to work out looming conflicts, answer issues, and deliver crucial updates on what happened this season as well as their situation after production concluded.

On tonight’s episode, Victoria confirmed her split from Johnny and, after an emotional argument with him, revealed that she was dating Greg Grippo (from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette). From their Italian date to their matching tattoos, viewers couldn’t believe Victoria hadn’t cheated on Johnny with Greg. One user tweeted:

Season 8 of the blockbuster reality series saw beloved Bachelor Nation cast members return to the brand and the beach for another chance at finding love and a possible life mate. Others tested the waters but were unable to consolidate their relationships before the conclusion of the season, resulting in an agonizing break-up.

Victoria acknowledges her romance with Greg after discussing her break-up with Johnny On Bachelor in Paradise.

Many cast members went forward on tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise to resolve concerns between themselves and their partners that arose during the course of the program. Johnny and Victoria’s time on the show concluded with an unexpected engagement. The bachelor had insisted that he wasn’t entirely committed to Victoria and had often expressed his fear. However, Victoria made it all seem worthwhile for Johnny to take the plunge and pop the question. The latter was overjoyed with Johnny’s dedication and said, ‘Yes.’ They ended up as each other’s finances at the conclusion of the program. They soon separated, though, due to disagreements.

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The couple met during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion. While Victoria said that Johnny called her names and accused her of not being able to cook or clean, the bachelor claimed that everything was a misunderstanding and that she had started chatting to Greg Grippo while they were reportedly working on difficulties.

Johnny and Victoria told completely different tales about what happened following their engagement. The latter claimed that she had made it plain that she was unhappy once the former pair joined the real world, and that she would not get engaged if they continued to quarrel and had a poisonous relationship. However, Johnny observed that the timing didn’t completely fit.

Even though they had challenges, the Bachelor in Paradise star revealed that they were still attempting to work things out. Johnny then stated that she had been accused of cheating on him with Greg, which she categorically rejected. While Victoria refrained from making any allegations, Johnny remarked that even she had said things to him that he didn’t want to publicize in public. Johnny also disclosed that she began sharing films with Greg shortly after their engagement, which she denied again. Johnny wished she could have apologized or made it plain to him that she was in a relationship with Greg. When Jesse Palmer, the show’s presenter, questioned whether she was in a relationship with Greg, she confirmed it.Greg Grippo

Greg appeared shortly after Johnny left the scene and verified their connection. He said that they were friends before rekindling their relationship when her engagement to Johnny terminated. Victoria said that she didn’t care what others thought since she was content with Greg. The pair even got “Ciao” tattoos together.

Fans discuss Victoria’s relationship with Greg On Bachelor in Paradise

Victoria’s reported infidelity with Johnny and dating Greg sparked outrage among fans on social media. Take a look at what they have to say. Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 has come to a conclusion. Loyal franchise fans who have religiously followed the cast members’ journeys have seen their favorites get engaged and some break up. They have also openly expressed their opinions on the show’s problematic issues on social media, all while keeping them updated on the series’ dramatic moments.

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