Victoria Hilton Referred Himself As The Nightlife Princess Of The Hamptons

Serving the Hamptons, a new Discovery+ program will launch this week on April 7. Staff from Southampton’s iconic cafe, 75 Main, will appear on the reality TV program. The restaurant’s manager is Victoria Hilton. His true name is John Graham, and he is also a socialite, supermodel, athlete, and actor, according to his Instagram page. He also referred to himself as the nightlife princess of The Hamptons, New York, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach. He is restaurant owner Zach Erdem’s right-hand man as well as his closest buddy. The pair has been advertising their forthcoming event on a variety of platforms and news outlets.

Victoria Hilton’s Instagram is full of celebrity photos.

According to Hilton’s Instagram, the reality TV star is trendy, and Louis Vuitton is one of his favorite brands. During the COVID-19 epidemic, he constructed his own hazmat gear, according to one of his postings. His caption was as follows:

“Omg omg At the start of the epidemic, I introduced my V by Victoria Hilton #hazmat #suits and #mask since there were no designer hazmat suits, so I ended up designing my own @louisvuitton.”


Because 75 Main is a famous hangout for Hollywood celebs, Hilton’s social media accounts are littered with images of himself with stars and other well-known people. Emma Roberts, Enrique Iglesias, Michael Jordan, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and Jeremy Renner are among the celebs. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hilton and restaurant owner Zach Erdem disclosed the identities of a few celebrities that frequent their eatery. Leonardo DiCaprio, Bon Jovi, and even the Kardashians have eaten there many times.

Victoria Hilton

Erdem, according to Hilton, is a “bad policeman in the home” because of his restrictions. The former will be seen overseeing the restaurant workers while also having a good time. According to the description of Serving the Hamptons, Hilton will give Erdem a surprise birthday party, but things will quickly turn tragic.

Everything you need to know about the Serving the Hamptons premiere.

The Hilton and Erdem team consists of eight people. Here are their names and positions:

  • Samantha Crichton is the V.I.P hostess
  • The V.I.P hostess Gough
  • Jillian WuDJ Chef Brogan Thompson
  • Ethan Jack Tavcar is a waiter
  • while Hailey Druek is a waitress
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is a bartender
  • Jodie Bisasor is a bartender

Victoria Hilton

Serving the Hamptons’ official summary is as follows:

“The five-hour-long episodes transport viewers to one of the world’s most exclusive enclaves, showcasing all the juicy drama in the lives of the young, se*y restaurant staff at Southampton’s ‘it’ dining destination, 75 Main, as they hook up, argue, and work together to ensure clients return for more.”

Season 1 of Serving the Hamptons will launch on Discovery+ on Thursday, April 7. The whole program will be five hours long, with all episodes published at the same time.

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