Vera Lucia- All About The Mother Of Richarlison de Andrade

Richarlison, a Tottenham Hotspur and Brazil national team striker, is Vera Lucia’s mother. Richarlison’s given name is Richarlison de Andrade.

Quick Facts

Full Name Vera Lucia
First Name Vera
Last Name Lucia
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
No Of Children 5
Networth 30000000
Networth $30 M

After divorcing her spouse, she struggled to make ends meet.

Lucia was formerly married to Antonio Carlos Andrade. They were married until their oldest son Richarlison was eight years old. In an interview, Richarlison recounted a time when he had to make an emotional choice at such a young age. He said that after his parents divorced, his mother planned to leave Nova Venecia, where he was born.

He was on top of the moving truck, preparing to go with his mother when he leaped off and ran to his father. He remained till he was ten years old. He returned to his mother once his father moved for his new career. He went to work to help his mother, who worked as a cleaner and battled to make ends meet for her four children. He cleaned cars, sold popsicles, made chocolate truffles, and even worked with his grandpa, a farmer.


Richarlison was once threatened with a gun.

The Tottenham Hotspur and Brazil national team star was once held at gunpoint and faced death. The neighborhood in which they resided had a negative effect, with the majority of the residents participating in drug use. The bulk of the footballer’s buddies sold drugs because they regarded it as an easy way to get money.

He was given marijuana multiple times but never used it. He told FFT that his life might have ended multiple times because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and he remembered being held at gunpoint. He said the man grabbed him at gunpoint one day, mistaking him for a drug dealer attempting to seize his distribution point. He was terrified and thought, “If the person pulls the trigger, he’s dead,” but he survived and went on.

Richarlison thanks his football coach, a police officer, for offering him and his brothers sound counsel. He said that several of his friends were involved in drugs and are now in jail, with whom he still communicates, but he is grateful for not going down the wrong path. He couldn’t do it because he had a conscience.

Her son’s stunning bicycle kick goal will go down in World Cup history forever.

Her son’s spectacular bicycle goal kick against Serbia in their first game has made headlines and will go down in World Cup history. Richarlison came in as a rescuer when Neymar went off the pitch with an ankle injury, scoring both goals in a 2-0 victory over Serbia. Vinicius Junior contributed to both goals by passing the ball, but the second goal was simply spectacular.

After passing to Richarlison, Vinicius popped up the ball to himself and completed it spectacularly with the bicycle kick goal. After Careca, Neymar, and Philippe Coutinho, he is the fourth Brazilian player to score the first two goals in a World Cup.


Her kid has a strong bond with his father.

Her kid is very close to his father, Antonio Carlos Andrade. When he was seven, his father gave him 10 balls, not because he could afford them, but because he wanted him to become an excellent player. His father called him Richarlison after a footballer he knew named Richarlison.

Richarlison feels thankful to his father for accompanying him on his travels.

After scoring both goals in a 2-0 win against Marseille in his Champions League debut, he commented on Twitter that it had been years of battle and his father had never left his side and praised him for not giving up on him and his ambition.

He said,

“Having you here today made the occasion much more wonderful for me.” We will continue to work together to achieve even greater goals in the future”! “Thank you, Dad.”

Net Worth

As of today, we know her son’s net worth, who has acquired a staggering net income through his incredible football career. His net worth is reported to be in the $30 million range.

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