Venetia Stevenson An Actress Passed Away At The Age Of 84

Venetia Stevenson, a well-known film and television actress, died recently at the age of 84. Her relatives broke the news to her. Her brother, actor Jeffrey Byron, offered her respect on social media, by writing,

“This was not surprising given that she had been ill for quite some time.”

Byron went on to say that she had a flashy and hectic life. Byron told The Hollywood Reporter that she died of Parkinson’s illness.

Everything there is to know about Venetia Stevenson

Venetia Stevenson was born on March 10, 1938, to director Robert Stevenson and actress Anna Lee. Her family relocated to Hollywood a year after her birth, and when her parents divorced in 1944, she moved in with her father and stepmother, Frances. Venetia began her theatrical career in April 1955 with the play Liliom and made her television debut in March 1957 with the CBS program Playhouse 90. In November 19668557, she portrayed Kathy Larsen in an episode of the ABC sitcom Sugarfoot, and she later appeared in two more episodes of the program. In the 1958 war picture Darby’s Rangers, she played Peggy McTavish alongside Peter Brown.

Stevenson participated in the 1959 Western picture Day of the Outlaw and had an important role in the Studs Lonigan film adaptation. She later appeared in films such as Island of Lost Women, Jet Over the Atlantic, The Big Night, The City of the Dead, Seven Ways from Sundown, The Sergeant Was a Lady, and more.

Venetia Stevenson was well-known for her roles in television programs such as Cheyenne, 77 Sunset Strip, Ozzie and Harriet, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Lawman, The Third Man, and others. Back to the Future Part II, issued in 1989, featured her as the cover girl of Oh Lala magazine. Although she had never had a leading part in a film before 1958, she was well-known in fan magazines and was dubbed “the most attractive girl in the world.” She went on multiple dates, most of which were with her friends. Tab Hunter confided in his 2005 book, Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star, that Venetia was an essential part of his and his then-boyfriend Anthony Perkins’ social life.


Nobody knew about Tab and Venetia’s connection, and the latter was Tab’s confidante while they were together. Venetia married actor and dancer Russ Tamblyn when she was just 17 years old. The next year, the couple divorced. When they performed together in Seven Ways from Sundown in 1960, Venetia Stevenson was romantically related to actor Audie Murphy. In 1962, she gave up performing and modeling and married Don Everly.

Venetia Stevenson

She previously said she despised acting. Venetia and Don had three children: two girls, Stacy and Evin, and a boy, Edan. The couple divorced in 1970, and Venetia never married again.

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