Vanity Fair Said That Ezra Miller Had A Messiah Complex Based On His Past Actions 

The unpredictable conduct of American actor Ezra Miller in recent years has now been backed up by a study claiming that they have a “messiah delusion.” According to Vanity Fair, the 29-year-old actor, who recently acknowledged fighting “complicated mental health concerns,” has an even darker side to their narrative, which started soon after the coronavirus epidemic began in 2020.

Miller has been accused of grooming a kid, physical and emotional abuse, and child endangerment, as well as the outlet, reported on their complex in which they referred to themselves as “Jesus” and the “devil.” According to the allegation, Ezra Miller maintained an altar at their home where they would force women to give their things and kept multiple firearms with children playing around them.

Reactions on Twitter to Vanity Fair’s story on Ezra Miller

The Twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from responding to the matter with memes when the study explaining the main reason for Ezra Miller’s conduct went viral. Several fans expressed surprise at how The Flash’s actor had been spending his life and criticized Warner Bros. for not canceling his picture. Others, on the other hand, were unsurprised when the claims surfaced.

Ezra Miller has made headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

According to the Vanity Fair story, Ezra Miller’s mental health troubles began to worsen in 2020, after the coronavirus outbreak, when all shoots and projects were suspended for safety concerns. Struggling with their parent’s divorce, the actor proceeded to Iceland, where they allegedly strangled a lady in Reykjavik and were recorded doing so.

They were also joined by Jasper Young Bear, a 55-year-old “spiritual counselor” and North Dakota medicine man, according to the article. According to the article, Jasper would tell Ezra that he was the “next Messiah” and that the “Freemasons were sending demons out to murder him.”

Ezra Miller

According to a person who spoke to the publication:

“[Miller] would speak about the metaverse and medicine, how they’re the Messiah, and what [their] role is here.” They claim that their spiritual practice is to be among the people, which they define as a party. So, while in Iceland, [they] were always on the go. “Raves were [their] favorite when they’d go on benders for two or three days at a time.”

Miller made news once again when he returned to the United States after their Vermont farm became famous. According to Vanity Fair, the actor’s “the Mountain” had an altar with sage, cannabis, action figurines of The Flash, and bullets. According to Ezra Miller, who played their role in the DC superhero film, “The Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together, exactly like Jesus.” Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents accused Miller of “grooming, brainwashing, and emotionally torturing the youngster” in June 2022. The actor left Iron Eyes and their companion, Rosie, stranded with neither money nor transportation and threatened to disgrace them.

Ezra Miller

According to a source:

“Even though I’ve discovered that Ezra is such an a**hole, I don’t believe it exonerates the folks who were content to eat off Ezra’s plate until it no longer suited them.” I believe they were unintentionally implicated in some very bizarre misuse of power and notoriety.”

Miller’s property had “weapons everywhere,” including AK-47s and flame throwers According to the investigation. According to a source close to the actor, the smallest child there reportedly picked up a rifle and placed it in her mouth.

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