Valerie C. Robinson: All About Michael Schoeffling’s Wife

Valerie C Robinson is a former American model and the wife of model and performer Michael Schoeffling. She was a famous actress in the 1990s, known for films such as Having Babies II, Lottery, One Shoe Makes It Murder, and others.

Michael Schoeffling captivated the American public with memorable parts such as Joe in Mermaids, Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles, and Kuch in Vision Quests. During the late 1980s, he married the performer. Let’s learn everything there is to know about Michael Schoeffling’s partner, Valerie C Robinson.

Valerie C Robinson Age, Birthplace, Education

Valerie Carpenter Bernstein was born in Newfoundland, a hamlet in Dreher Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. That is all of the verified public information on the former actress and model’s birth.

There are unverified sources saying that the former actress was born on January 25, 1970, but a closer look at the former actress and her career timeline shows that a 1960s birth date is more probable.

Valerie has not been forthcoming about her precise date of birth, which has only fueled speculation about her actual date of birth and age. One would also presume she grew up in Pennsylvania, among other possibilities for her early childhood. Her birth parents or any relative’s, living or deceased, identity is also shrouded in mystery, as is her early childhood.

Valerie’s formal education background, like almost every aspect of her formative years, remains unavailable and inaccessible to the media and general public, making it somewhat difficult to determine exactly where she received a formal education beginning from the elementary level to the college level.

Valerie Robinson Is Michael Schoeffling’s Wife Of Over 30 Years

Valerie C Robinson is presently married to Michael Schoeffling, with whom she is very happy. There is no information accessible to determine the timeline of their relationship, and while the media and a large portion of the general public would love to know the finer details of Valerie’s marital relationship with Michael Schoeffling.

According to the available information, the couple had their first child in the late 1980s, and as a married couple, a wedding most likely took place a few years previously. Working with that assumption would also imply that Valerie and her husband met and started dating in the early 1980s. Again, it is critical to realize that these pieces of information are purely speculative.

Valerie C Robinson and her spouse, Michael Schoeffling, are the parents of two children. They had their first child, a boy, in 1989 and named him Zane Schoeffling. Zane’s younger sister arrived in the household a few years later, in 1991. Valerie and her spouse named their baby daughter Scarlet Schoeffling at the time. Valerie’s children are already passed their 30th birthdays, and it will come as a surprise if both of them continue to live with their parents.

The lack of knowledge about Valerie’s children makes it impossible to ascertain whether Zane or his sister, Scarlet, followed in their parent’s footsteps and became actors. Robinson and Schoeffling have been together for over three decades. While it is natural for the pair to have had some difficulties in their marriage, no trace of scandal or controversy has been documented about a union that is rapidly approaching its 40th anniversary.

Valerie C Robinson & Her Husband Live In Pennsylvania

Valerie has remained out of the spotlight since she retired from acting, and her media appearances have decreased or ceased entirely, as has her screen time. She presently lives in her hometown of Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, with her husband.
The retired actress reportedly uses her free time these days vacationing with her retired husband. Valerie’s current occupation is unknown, but it is obvious that she is enjoying every minute of her retirement.

She Was A Former Model & Actress

Valerie C Robinson used to make a living as a model and actress, as mentioned several times throughout this article. Her contributions to both aspects of her career were minor at best, but they were sufficient to capture the interest of the media and the general public.

Valerie’s acting career started in 1977 when she was cast in a small part in the film Having Babies II as a woman named Terri; however, as previously stated, her role in the film was very minor. Valerie had to wait about five years before landing another film part. Her next film performance was in the 1982 film One Shoe Makes It Murder.

A few years later, in 1984, she appeared in the film Over the Brooklyn Bridge. Valerie earned her first TV series role as Mary Beth Linderman in Lottery, where she only appeared in one episode. Valerie appeared in her final film, Party Hearst, five years later, in 1989. Her most recent film performance was in the 2018 film Awful, in which she played Frances Ledbetter.

Despite having few acting credits, Valerie C Robinson has amassed a substantial net worth, which is presently estimated to be around $500k.

Valerie C Robinson Is Taller Than Average

There is little information about Valerie’s physical characteristics, and her precise body measurements are unknown. She is presently 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is at least three inches taller than the average American female. She also has a healthy weight of 65kg.

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