Val Garland And Dominic Skinner Are Set To Be The Judge Of “Glow Up Season 4”

Glow Up Season 4 will debut on August 19. Ten aspiring MUAs from throughout the UK will compete in the program, and their skills will be assessed by MUA industry veterans Val Garland and Dominic Skinner. Both have extensive expertise in the sector and are eager to share their knowledge on the forthcoming performance. Maya Jama, a television personality, will host the event.

Contestants in the eight-episode series will compete in cosmetic tasks in order to thrive in the program and eventually win it.

According to the show’s official synopsis:

“Who shines and who fades?” Amazing makeovers and breathtaking creations by ambitious artists aiming to be Britain’s next make-up star”

Meet the Glow Up season 4 judges.

The forthcoming show’s judges are exceptionally bright in the MUA profession and have built a reputation for themselves. Dominic Skinner is a Global Senior Artist for Mac Cosmetics, while Val Garland is the Global Makeup Director for L’Oréal Paris and a British Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor.

Val Garland And Dominic Skinner

1) Valerie Garland

63-year-old Val Garland is a makeup artist located in London. She grew raised in Bristol before moving to Sydney, Australia, to pursue a career as a hair colorist. Her scholarly interest in color, hair, and cosmetics quickly elevated her to the position of a premier artist in Australia. After a few years, the Glow Up judge relocated to London to work on high-profile Alexander McQueen runway shows, commercial celebrity photographs with Kate Moss, and magazine partnerships with Vogue, Dazed & Confused, i-D, and Visionaire.

Garland was voted Pantene Pro-V Make-up Artist of the Year in 2004, and she was designated the first L’Oréal Paris Global Make-up Director in 2017. Validated, an anthology highlighting her work via a collection of iconic photos was also produced by the makeup artist.

2) Dominic Skinner

Dominic, Senior Global Artist at MAC Cosmetics, has been in the beauty industry for almost 20 years. His major influence in the cosmetics field was Daryl Hannah’s character Pris in Blade Runner, who had paint smeared all over his eyes. He constantly encourages his customers to experiment with strong cosmetics. Dominic shared the inspiration for his makeup on his official MAC website. He stated:

“Despite having moved a lot, I don’t need to go someplace in particular for inspiration,” she says.

Val Garland And Dominic Skinner

He also stated:

“I find that there are ideas everywhere around me; it’s only a matter of finding the ones that others may have overlooked.”

Skinner has collaborated with numerous well-known industry figures throughout the years. In addition, after many years of working at MAC, the Glow Up judge’s most memorable experience was assisting Alex Box on a magazine shoot directed by Alexander McQueen.

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