“Upcycle Nation” 2022 Is Set To Be Released On Fuse Soon

Upcycle Nation is about to revolutionize the way fashion contests work. To win the competition, the participants will have to build trendy products out of abandoned objects. The program will include 24 candidates who will have to impress Peder Cho and Jérôme LaMaar in order to win the sustainable fashion challenge. Karrueche Tran will join them as hosts.

According to the press announcement for the show:

“Upcycle Nation, hosted and executive produced by Emmy Award winner Karrueche Tran, features budding designers and upcyclers from throughout the nation competing to convert common objects into fashionable streetwear. Expert assessors include fashion mogul Jérôme LaMaar and upcycling pioneer Peder Cho, in addition to Tran.”

Upcycle Nation on Fuse TV will feature 24 candidates, three of whom will appear at a time.

In each 60-minute episode of Upcycle Nation, three participants participate in a series of tasks with the goal of producing attractive articles of clothing from previously discarded ones. The show’s goal is to better educate the public about upcycle fashion and sustainability, which is the direction the fashion industry is heading. Karrueche Tran, an executive producer, and presenter, said that not only will the program be entertaining to watch, but it will also give viewers ideas on how to reuse existing home things in new and unique ways.

Upcycle Nation

Upcycle Nation will issue a number of tasks to prospective candidates, and not everyone will have an easy time with it. Thommy Douglass, 35, will struggle to find his feet in a competition that demands participants to transform a rug into an autumn jacket. The participants will have five hours to transform jeans, vintage bridal gowns, and tweed coats into a men’s coat, and the designer, who is accustomed to selling extravagant corsets and silk tops, will be out of his element.

He stated:

“You’ve been thrown into an unfamiliar atmosphere. You’re operating equipment that isn’t yours. So the nervousness really comes in.”

In addition to this one, the program will include tasks such as repurposing old bags to make fashionable new clothing and using ordinary domestic objects such as shower curtains to create elegant party ensembles. Karruhe meant it when she declared Upcycle Nation is “not another fashion competition.” Julian Carter, Rachel Litiatco, Dawn Emry, Michael Gonzales, Tylo May, April Yang, Ruben Isaza, Donnie Davis, Jonas King, Acadia Herbst, Andrew Burgess, Tori Kobayashi, Denise Samson, Georgia Culp, Mahdiyyah Muhammad, Mi Legget, Anna Molinari, Tylia Henry, Chris Yuen, Alex Kato, Daniel Grier, Paid Sechrist, and Elvira Zamora

Karrueche Tran, the show’s host, earned a Daytime Emmy Award in 2021.

Karrueche Tran, an actress, model, and businesswoman, will host and executive produce the forthcoming Fuse TV fashion competition. Tran rose to prominence after dating Chris Brown and has since created a reputation for herself in Hollywood.

Upcycle Nation

She is well recognized for her role as Virginia in TNT’s Claws, for which she earned a Daytime Emmy Award as the first AAPI winner in the Lead Actress category in 2021. She went on to appear in other projects until launching her own jewelry brand, Kae by Karruche, in 2020.

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