Tyson Montoyo – Meet Charlie Montoyo’s Son With Samantha Montoyo

Charlie Montoyo, the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, had a long and illustrious career in baseball, spanning nearly three decades. Since 2019, he’s been a part of the MLB club. From 2015 through 2018, the manager led the Tampa Bay Rays as their manager. He’s also a former member of the Montreal Expos.

The baseball player’s professional career has gotten a lot of attention. Let us now have a look at his personal life. The Jays’ manager, on the other hand, is a family man who is married to Samantha Montoyo and has a lovely family. One of his sons is a college athlete. In today’s brief post, we’ll discuss Charlie Montoyo’s son, Tyson Montoyo.

Is The Firstborn Of His Parents

Tyson Montoyo, the first child of Charlie and Samantha Montoyo, was born in the early 2000s. His father passed out at the moment of his birth and did not make it to the delivery. The elder Montoyo and his father went to McDonald’s when his younger brother, Alexander Montoyo, was born.

The parents of the Montoyo siblings met in 1999 in Charleston and married in 2001. Their father and mother have been married for almost two decades, and their profound love and support have endured the test of time.
Alex Montoyo, Tyson’s younger brother, was born with the Ebstein Anomaly and underwent three open-heart surgeries. As a result, he was forced to mature too quickly and demonstrated himself as a caring and protective big brother. He must have had a pleasant upbringing, though.

Is A Lacrosse Player

Charlie is a well-known baseball manager and former professional baseball player. His son, unlike him, is passionate about a different sport. Tyson is a dedicated lacrosse player.

Furthermore, Charlie Montoyo’s son initially learnt about lacrosse at a weekend development camp when he was in second grade. But he didn’t start playing right away; instead, he concentrated on Little League Baseball. Tyson began playing lacrosse when he was in sixth grade and, after three years, found his niche as a goaltender.

In late 2019, the eldest Montoyo was named to the Puerto Rico U19 National Team’s squad. On Instagram, he expressed his excitement about playing for the country this summer.

According to his Connectlax page, the young athlete played for the Catalina Foothills Falcons, a club squad in Tucson, Arizona. As the son of a professional athlete and manager, he also offers a unique perspective. Tyson has also learnt about the behind-the-scenes aspects of sports from his father. He also plans to succeed as a student-athlete while obtaining an engineering degree.

Meet Tyson Montoyo son
Meet Tyson Montoyo’s son

Charlie Montoyo’s Son Goes To Hendrix College

Since 2021, the manager’s son has been attending Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, after completing his formal schooling. By 2025, he will have completed his studies. He chose to continue his career at Hendrix since the collegiate programs are outstanding and there was a good chance to improve his lacrosse skills.
Tyson is also a key member of the college’s lacrosse squad. He is one of the most promising players and has played a key role in a number of victories. For example, Hendrix College defeated Centenary University seven times in a row in February 2022. The player made four saves in the final quarter of the contest, which was his first collegiate game.

Furthermore, the eldest Montoya is the recipient of the Hardin Hall Outstanding Citizen Award. Residents of Hardin Hall who have done the most for their hall and fellow residents receive this award. That he has exemplified Hendrix College’s principles and ideals.

Overall, Charlie Montoyo’s son is a gifted lacrosse player who plays for his university’s squad. He is also a wonderful brother and son who has made his parents proud. We wish him continued success.


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