Two Children Left To Care For Themselves For Months After Mother Decides To Move To Another State

This is one heartbreaking story. Two young kids have been living alone – seeking food and medical assistance after their mother left them home alone for months after deciding to return to her hometown. A woman by the name of Raven Yates is now wanted by Roman Forest PD.

According to Roman Forest PD (RFPD), Raven Yates, 31 is wanted after leaving her 3-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter home alone without access to food or medical supplies for nearly two months. “No food in the house, everything was empty,” Chief Stephen Carlisle said. An investigator also revealed the refrigerator and pantry were nearly empty, and the 3-year-old boy’s room smelled like heavy urine.

According to Roman Forest PD, the children have not been registered in school since moving to Texas one year ago, and were left alone from September 28th to November 14th. The 13-year-old’s father finally put the pieces together after his daughter began asking him to send food daily. According to investigators, Yates brainwashed her daughter into keeping the secret, saying if anyone found out, her father would take her and leave her 3-year-old brother alone. When asked where her mother was, the 13-year-old told her father she was working.

Eventually, the father filed a report on November 14th and flew from California to Texas to check on his daughter and her brother. After completing the investigation, Roman Forest PD issued a warrant for Raven Yates for two counts of Abandon Endanger Child Without Intent to Return. Yates is believed to be in her hometown of Mobile, AL area, which is approximately 425 miles from Roman Forest, TX, where she was living with her children. Unfortunately, there’s not much information about why the mother decided to leave two children behind.

Social media didn’t take long to join the case and locate the woman. A Facebook profile allegedly belonging to the woman has surfaced. The profile is listed as a public figure and an alias (Famous BD). The profile appears very active, with the last post published on February 9, 2023. The account is also trolling news media, reposting stories, and responding. The woman has also had a previous run-in with the cops. In 2018, Yates was arrested after slashing the face of a repo driver attempting to repossess her vehicle.

In addition, Yates also has a 14-year-old daughter who was listed as a runaway before she abandoned her other two children. Despite the immediate backlash, some people are waiting to see proof the woman is still alive before passing judgment, as the entire story seems unbelievable. “Hmmm, I need more updates and proof that she is alive and really out of state before I judge her because something doesn’t seem right here,” one person stated.

The children are currently safe, living with a family member in Alabama.

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