Tucker Pillsbury ‘NEVERLETYOUGO’ Music Video Fatures Emma Chamberlain

Since August of 2020, speculations about YouTuber Emma Chamberlain’s boyfriend have been circulating, and the rumored boyfriend is none other than Tucker Pillsbury, who also goes by the name Role Model on social media. Despite being seen together several times, there was nothing that truly united the two peas in a pod until lately.

Tucker Pillsbury’s New Music Video Excites Fans

Pillsbury just released a preview for the music video for ‘NEVERLETYOUGO,’ one of the new tracks on his first album Rx. On both his TikTok and Instagram accounts, the singer shared a 20-second sample from the music video.

Pillsbury is shown heading along a crossroad in the video when he notices a female walking in the opposite direction. He quickly changes his pace and approaches this mystery woman, whose whole face isn’t visible in the sample film, simply a little portion of her left profile.

Fans who have been waiting for this moment for nearly a year will not be disappointed. EMMA! However, this isn’t the first time fans have turned one of Role Model’s songs into a love confession – ‘Blind’ comes to mind.

Is Emma Chamberlain Dating Someone?

Chamberlain, as usual, remained tight-lipped about anything that would lead fans to figure out who she was referring to. Her present relationship, she said, was “wonderful” and “supporting,” and she had no “complaints” from her boyfriend. If Chamberlain’s next music video is a declaration of love for her man, it’s safe to assume she’s committed to her relationship.

Why Does Emma Chamberlain Have a Public Date?

In a 2020 interview with Seventeen, Chamberlain discussed her thoughts about dating in the public eye. She went on to explain why she didn’t do it.

“When you love someone, you’re like, ‘Oh my goodness, I want to tell everyone,’ but I believe that talking about it, especially when you’re young, isn’t healthy for the relationship’s health,” she explained.

Similarly, she also made the “my lips are zipped” motion to emphasize her point, according to the interviewer. She expounded on her point of view. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to promote her relationship and post adorable couple images whenever she was in one.

She confirmed, “It would be great, but not yet.”
So, when are you going to do it?

“Perhaps when I’m 40,” she joked.

Chamberlain believed that being in a relationship as a young person was difficult enough and that doing so in public with her star position would be even more difficult.

“I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m simply trying to make sure I’m following the rules “she revealed.

She was, however, open to the idea of becoming public once things had calmed down, possibly when she was older.

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