Trae Tha Truth Has Been Arrested After The Rapper Assault Z-Ro

Trae Tha Truth, an American rapper, and entrepreneur was charged with assault on December 27, 2022, in connection with an August incident. He, also known as Frazier Thompson III, sucker punched fellow rapper and cousin Z-Ro, according to court records quoted by several news outlets. Trae may be seen surrendering himself in to officials at the Harris County Joint Processing Center in Houston in footage that has circulated online.

According to court records obtained by Khou 11 News, local police responded to complaints of an incident between the two outside the Kim Son Restaurant in Houston in August. Officers claimed they watched a video of the confrontation that was published online during the investigation. Trae Tha Truth was charged with assault and is presently out of prison after paying a $100 bail, according to the outlet. On January 6, 2023, he is scheduled to appear in court.

What precisely transpired between Trae Tha Truth and Z-Ro, another rapper?

In September 2022, rapper Z-Ro, real name Joseph Wayne McVey IV, informed detectives that he had been attacked and that his valuables had been taken during the incident. The footage of the event, according to investigators, shows guys beating and kicking Z-Ro as he was curled up on the ground. In his remark, Z-Ro verified the same. Trae is seen in the video attacking Z-Ro and the rest of his squad while wearing an orange ABN jersey. Trae’s crew member is also spotted grabbing a golden necklace from the rapper.

Trae Tha Truth

In his testimony to the investigators, Z-Ro said that on the night of the incident, he arrived at the restaurant at 10 p.m. to meet another musician from his label. He observed a bunch of guys as he came out of the restaurant and recognized them as Trae Tha Truth and his crew.

According to Click2Houston, Z-Ro said that he was snapping photographs with fans when Trae approached him. Trae allegedly wanted to meet with the musician after his picture shoot, which Z-Ro stated he agreed to. When Z-Ro alleged he was sucker punched, the two rappers gathered in the parking lot next to a sprinter van. He seemed to make verbal threats in the films that were circulated online before the cops interfered.

Trae Tha Truth has previously dismissed Z-Ro’s assertions.

Trae Tha Truth originally dismissed Z-accusations, Ro’s pointing out that they talked a day after the incident and blamed it on family issues. HipHopDX mentioned an Instagram video that the rapper released and then removed. Trae says in the video:

“I’m going to address this once and only once. I feel like I’m at a moment in my life where I’m not going to sit here and let things linger. But I believe I owe it to folks to let them know — particularly those that genuinely rock with me and understand the circumstances, the story they’re presenting — that s*it is fake.”

Trae Tha Truth

He went on to say:

“It wasn’t a 7-on-1 match. It wasn’t a surprise ambush. That is not the case. This is family business, internal crap that’s probably been going on for 10, 15 years and has just spilled out into shit.”

According to the newspaper, Trae Tha Truth said in the video that he had no ill will against Z-Ro. Both rappers were formerly signed to the label ABN.

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