Top 5 Most Expensive Retro Batman Collectibles

As one of the most well-known characters in comic books and pop culture, Batman has created one of the most diverse and profitable franchises. It includes comic books, toys, films, and miscellaneous merchandise.

With such a tight link, the Dark Knight’s supporters will surely be among the most committed. As a result, people are willing to pay the top price for any number of retro toys that speak to the depth of their devotion.

We skipped over modern collectibles in this post and focused on five vintage toys that are highly sought after and difficult to find.

Top 5 most expensive retro Batman collectibles

Five exorbitantly priced Batman collectibles

1) Captain Action Batman ($2,860) is the ideal Captain.

Captain Action is a toy that can morph into some superheroes, including Aquaman, Spider-Man, and Superman. In 1966, the most popular costume was introduced. Captain Action quickly became a favorite among collectors of figures and caped superheroes, thanks to his numerous attachments that enriched the whole set.

This $2,860 package includes a classic cape, cowl, utility belt, and a Batman sticker symbol for the bodysuit. The utility belt contained batarangs, bat ropes, grappling hooks, drills, spotlights, and a small two-way radio.

2) Batmobile Transogram ($3,290)

The Caped Crusader’s wheels, which he employs to chase and pursue his opponents, are some of the most recognizable in the comic book industry. Almost every Batmobile is created or designed uniquely, displaying that particular director’s or illustrator’s idea of Batman’s horse.

When Transogram, an American toymaker, released one of the first Batmobile toys based on the 1960s TV show, it immediately ascended to the top of collectors’ must-have lists, with a possible value of $3,290 depending on the condition of its packaging.

3) The Perfect Batman Utility Belt ($11,000)

As previously stated, the Ideal Toy Company has developed a line of Bat-themed toys. The Official Utility Belt was made in tandem with Ideal’s flood of other action toys, and it included many unique features that the Caped Crusader was known for. Grappling Hooks, Bat-Cuffs, a Bat-Flashlight, a Batarang, and a Dummy Transmitter were all included.

Given that it was one of the earliest, if not the first, toy replicas of the infamous utility belt, it is significantly more valuable than previous copies, fetching $11,000 after being sold on the TV show Pawn Stars.

4) Marx Batman Bagatelle Game ($11,825)

Louis Marx and Company released this litho bagatelle game, which is essentially a synonym for a pinball machine, in 1966. Like their water blaster figurine, this became a highly sought-after item, selling for nearly $12,000 later.

It depicts the Dynamic Duo fighting Blockbuster, as well as different adversaries and allies lithographed throughout the background. Carmine Infantino, a DC artist, is reported to have been commissioned to produce the initial artwork.

5) Batgirl Ideal Super Queens ($17,925)

Comic Heroines, sometimes known as Super Queens, was launched in 1967 as a follow-up to Ideal’s Captain Action. The four dolls were Supergirl, Batgirl, Mera, and Wonder Woman. Because they are the first dolls of the characters, they are pretty pricey. A fan paid approximately $18,000 for this rare collector’s item. It’s 11.5 inches long and includes a cape, cowl, utility belt, Batarang, and a Batman/Batgirl bodysuit.

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