Top 5 Best Dribblers At Arsenal Right Now

After suffering a drop in standards from their glory days, Arsenal appears to be on the right track to reestablishing their reputation in English football. It is still early days, but Arsenal’s young squad appears to be responding well to expectations. Tenacity and fighting spirit are evident, and Mikel Arteta’s team has learned to grind out a victory when things get tough.

Arteta’s tactics have previously been criticized. While he had improved the Gunners’ leaky defense, it appeared that it had come at the expense of goals. However, Arsenal has recently become more consistent and effective in the attacking third, and goals are coming at a reasonable rate.

Arsenal’s dribblers have a good success rate, but they would like to improve it.

The individual brilliance of a few players in their ranks has also contributed to the improvement in the attack. They have confronted the opposing rearguard head-on. The ability to run at defenders with the ball at your feet is crucial, and many Arsenal youngsters are good dribblers.

The Gunners currently have the youngest squad in the Premier League, with an average age of 25.01 years. Arteta will have to assist them in playing with maturity.

Having said that, they have shown a lot of promise in the final third, and their dribbling statistics have been very encouraging. Let’s take a look at Arsenal’s top five dribblers right now.

Number 5: Nuno Tavares

Nuno Tavares, 21, is one of Arsenal’s most recent signings, having joined from Benfica in the summer. The goal was to add a competitive presence to compete with Keiran Tierney for the left-back position. So there would be few opportunities, and replacing the Scottish player, a fan favorite, would be difficult.

Nuno Tavares 
Nuno Tavares

Tavares has made certain that the €8 million Arsenal paid for him does not appear to be hasty spending. In his ten appearances across all competitions, the Portuguese have demonstrated his attacking mindset and foresight. In seven Premier League appearances, three of which he started, he attempted 16 dribbles and completed eight of them.

Tavares has made good runs from deep and has shown a proclivity to move into the center of the park while advancing the ball. The defense feels just as secure with the Portuguese left-back as it does with Tierney. Arteta has given the Scotsman more competition than he expected.

Number 4: Nicolas Pepe

It’s one of the most difficult bets Arsenal has ever made, but it’ll have to be made soon. The question is whether to move Nicolas Pepe or stay with him. To say the least, sticking with him until he delivers will be exasperating.

Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka

Arteta has repeatedly stated that Pepe’s performances must be consistent, and he has not delivered consistent results. For €72 million, this has been a signing with bright but fleeting glimpses of potential.

The winger’s primary role is to take on defenses, run at them, and catch them off guard. At LOSC Lille, he did it all to great effect. However, despite the fact that he has dribbled past defenders at Arsenal, the end result has been largely disappointing.

He had a dribble success rate of 39.7 percent last season. In 29 appearances, he scored 10 goals. Regrettably, five of them occurred in the Premier League’s final three games. Pepe’s data appears to be correct, but it is highly skewed.

He’s impressive, and his quick feet can really confuse a defender in a one-on-one situation, but he eventually loses the ball. So far this season, the Arsenal winger has completed 11 of the 27 dribbles he has attempted.

Number 3: Alexandre Lacazette

According to rumors, Alexandre Lacazette will largely leave Arsenal on a free transfer next summer and will finalize his contract in January. He has played a significant role at Arsenal. This is especially true among many young players who admire his energy and friendliness. It translates on the field as well, where the Frenchman plays with passion and intensity.

Alexandre Lacazette
Alexandre Lacazette

Whereas Aubameyang prefers to make runs past the opposing backline, Lacazette prefers to keep possession of the ball and move it towards the goal. Since their first meeting at Arsenal, the two have worked well together. Lacazette has even been a No.10, preferring Odegaard in the attacking role due to his superiority in one-on-one situations.

Last season, the French striker attempted 33 dribbles and completed 20 of them. Despite frequently appearing as a substitute, his goal return was respectable, with 13 goals and two assists.

He has attempted eight dribbles and completed five in six Premier League appearances this season, four of which have come from the bench.

Number 2: Emile Smith

EmileSmith Rowe is one of the Premier League’s most in-form players. He reaped the benefits of his efforts when he received his first England call-up. Following his breakout season in 2020-21, he is now the first name on the teamsheet and the focal point of the majority of Arsenal’s attacks.

Emile Smith
Emile Smith

His ability to play between the lines has been critical to Arsenal’s offense. He has created a sense of urgency in the final third by playing on the half turn. Smith Rowe has always been graceful when moving with the ball at his feet, but he has recently become more productive in crunch time.

This season, he has completed 22 of 29 dribbles, placing him fourth in the Premier League.

That represents a significant improvement over last season when Arsenal No.10 attempted 29 dribbles but only completed seven of them. The Gunners were desperate for an attacking midfielder to distribute the ball creatively. They also required someone with a high work rate to press when they were not in possession. Smith Rowe possesses all of these qualities, and his devotion to the club only serves to bring him closer to the fans.

In 11 appearances this season, he has already scored four goals and provided two assists, including three in his last three.

His dribble success rate is second-best among the top ten Premier League dribblers.

Number 1: Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka is the last but not least member of this Arsenal squad. He had the most dribbles for the Gunners last season and is currently second only to ESR this season.

Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka

Mikel Arteta uses both Hale End graduates on either side of the center-forward. So far, they’ve kept players like Pepe and Gabriel Martinelli on the bench.

Saka has performed admirably for both club and country, and his ability to run at the defense has been effective on most occasions. He made 41 successful dribbles last season and has completed 13 of 24 attempts this season. The young starlet is Arsenal’s most expensive possession, valued at €65 million.

This season, the youngster has struggled with fitness, which is reflected in his goal involvement. In 11 appearances this season, he has only set up two goals and scored one.

However, Saka’s contribution to Arsenal has been more than just numbers. Smith Rowe and Odegaard, for example, can play on the half-turn and with a quick one-touch football because he allows them to do so. This keeps the opposing rearguard on the defensive.

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