Top 3 Reasons Why Chelsea Can Retain The Champions League Title

Chelsea and coach Thomas Tuchel will be looking to retain their Champions League title this season, with the start of the 2021-22 Champions League.

The Blues will be aiming for their third European title, and with the squad they currently have, they have a good chance of doing so.

Chelsea undoubtedly has one of the most well-balanced squads in Europe. All over the field, the team is stacked with star players.

The Blues have accumulated 10 points in four Premier League games this season and are currently second.

Here are three reasons why Chelsea can win the Champions League again this season:

A strong defensive structure

Defense is the foundation of any team’s success. A good attacker wins games, but a strong defense wins the championship.

Tuchel has transformed Chelsea into a defensive machine since taking over as manager. The team’s main strength is its strong defense.


The employs a 3-4-2-1 formation, which is extremely versatile. Wingbacks are crucial in forming because they provide defensive and attacking options.

When defending, the wingbacks get in deep, making it extremely difficult for the opposition’s attackers to break through.

Kante and Jorginho, a strong midfield duo, helped to support the defense. While both superstars were crucial to Chelsea’s success last season, they have very different skill sets.

Kante is a defensive midfielder who assists the team in regaining possession, whereas Jorginho helps control the tempo and speed of the game.

On top of that, Chelsea has an absolute beast in goal. Edouard Mendy has only given up one goal in four Premier League appearances this season.

Elite coach

Thomas Tuchel, who took over as manager of the Blues in January 2021, has completely transformed the club. There was a lot of criticism leveled at Tuchel at first, with many doubting his ability to lead a large club like Chelsea.


But, after seeing what he has accomplished in his first season with the club, he has quickly become a fan favorite. Tuchel started upon his arrival that he would build a team that no one wanted to play for, and he has done just that.

Tuchel’s excellent use of his players, as well as his strategic gameplay, set him apart from other managers. In the Champions League final against City, he showed a glimpse of his tactical prowess.

The Tuchel era has begun, and the Chelsea coach set his sights on the Champions League in 2021-22.

The addition of Romelu Lukaku

The addition of Romelu to the Chelsea squad is akin to putting a cherry on top of a cake. The Belgian striker, who finished second in Serie A’s top scorer race last season, has begun to dominate the Premier League.


In three appearances for Chelsea since his return, he has already scored three goals and is currently third on the club’s top-scorer list.

Lukaku possesses all of the physical characteristics, aerial abilities, and finishing ability required to be a top-tier striker.

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