Tommie Lee Accused Paula Abdul Of Stealing Her Concept For Kilt Frames

Tommie Lee, an American reality television actress, accused Paula Abdul of stealing her concept for her eyewear company, Kilt Frames, and promoting it as her own. On Wednesday, January 4, the 38-year-old celebrity expressed her dissatisfaction with Abdul’s new Signature Smart Audio Glasses, which were released the same day.

Lee replied in response to a screenshot of Jon Cohen’s tweet regarding Abdul’s glasses being a “combination of fashion and tech”:

“I’m very disappointed since you all saw me in the field for years, making these frames. You’ve seen firsthand the effort I’ve put into @kiltframes. It’s awful that she [Paula Abdul] stole my whole concept, right down to the style and everything. This usually happens to us; I can’t believe it.”

Tommie Lee shared multiple Instagram Stories messages, one of which dubbed Paula Abdul a “genuine loser” for copying her concept.

Everything you need to know about Tommie Lee’s feud with Paula Abdul.

Tommie Lee is a model, rapper, and socialite who was born on June 19, 1987. She appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in seasons six and seven. She has been involved in a number of legal troubles since 2003, and she has been arrested at least once a year on allegations of identity fraud, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, forgery, violence, and theft. One of the instances also included a bus hijacking. Scrapp DeLeon was a prior boyfriend of hers. Lee has two daughters from prior relationships, Havali and Samaria. She gave birth to one of her daughters while imprisoned, according to Love & Hip Hop fans.

Tommie Lee

In regards to her feud with Paula Abdul, she expressed her disappointment and heartbreak on her Instagram Story, stating that she has no people or support system to advance her business.

“I made this, it’s not fair, and it makes me want to f**k it and go back to the old me.”

Lee also explained the matter to her Instagram fans in a series of videos. Lee revealed in the video that she was working with a firm named FameCast, to whom she submitted her model, design, and characteristic cat eye style. The startup devised a design in which users may communicate via their Bluetooth-enabled spectacles.

Paula Abdul

However, she said that the corporation sold the concept behind her back to Paula Abdul, who launched the eyewear brand under a new name. Lee added that she had trademarked everything in her Kilt Frames and that some “ignorant individuals” were surprised to learn it was hers. She also referred to Paula Abdul as a “genuine loser” on her Instagram story. As of this writing, Paula Abdul has not replied to Lee’s allegations concerning her recently launched eyewear company.

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