TO1 A K-pop Group Has Declared A Brief Break In Order To Reorganize

TO1 has declared that they would suspend all operations commencing May 24 due to an internal restructure. Wake One Entertainment, the group’s label, announced the news through the group’s online fan café. Following the news, the group will temporarily suspend all promotional and social media activity. During their sabbatical, the band will work on a new record. The unexpected halt has generated numerous concerns among fans. They have speculated about its causes on numerous social media sites and have demanded answers from management.

TO1 was also canceled in 2021 for identical reasons

The complete statement issued by management is as follows:

“Hello, and welcome to Wake One Entertainment. First and foremost, we’d want to thank all of the fans who came out to support TO1 at the ‘KCON 2022 Premiere.’ TO1 will be undergoing a restructure starting today, according to this release. Schedules, fan café activities, SNS activities like Twitter and Bubble, and so on will be temporarily suspended at this period. We appreciate fans’ patience as we focus on recharging as the members prepare to offer you a fresh side with their forthcoming album. Members will welcome you in a more mature manner. Thank you kindly.”

This is not the first time the Magnolia singers have taken a break for restructuring. The group previously took a break in 2021, at which time the management rights were handed to Wake One Entertainment. It was also revealed that the name of the group had been changed from TOO to TO1.


The surprise revelation by Wake One Entertainment has prompted curiosity in a number of internet groups. In the lack of a clear explanation, fans have been left with little option but to guess about the cause of the lengthy break. Fans are wondering whether the band will split up. Some fans assume that the sabbatical was made to send the group to Mnet’s next survival program, Boys Planet.

The unexpected news has also prompted supporters to express their discontent with the administration. They think there is no need to halt the group’s SNS activity, and they believe they should be able to communicate with their fans.


More information about the group

With the EP Reason for Being: Benevolence, the K-pop trio made their debut in 2020. In 2019, the group was created via Mnet’s reality program To Be World Klass. RE:ALIZE, their second mini-album published in November 2021, was their most recent comeback album release.

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