TikTok Bans The Creator Of The Original “I Just a Baby” Video

There are many TikTok audios that have gone viral, and one of the most recent was Jordan Faeh’s “I simply a baby” audio, which was first released by “little.blooming.women” on the app. Faeh is seen in the video ordering her daughter to stop doing something, to which the toddler responds, “I’m only a baby.”

When the mother attempts to reprimand her, the youngster screams furiously, “I’m just a baby!” TikTok fans were enamored with the video and created their own versions utilizing the TikTok sound, which included their cute babies and dogs.

As of February 20, the video has received over 44 million views, according to Dexerto. Laura Lee (@laura88lee), a popular beauty expert, joined in the fun by producing a video with her husband inviting her to drive, but the beauty guru declined, saying, “I’m just a baby.”

The Merrell Twins (@merrelltwins) is another popular TikTokers who produced their own version, with one of the twins telling the other that they needed to start adulting, while the other resisted and said she was still a baby. There are a plethora of similar activities, but on March 15, the sassy baby’s mother posted a video claiming that her prior account had been suspended.

 ‘I Just a Baby’
‘I Just a Baby’

TikTok Bans The Creator Of “I Just a Baby”

Faeh stated that she had just tried to enter into her old account and published the video from her new account, “little.blooming.women2.” Unfortunately, without warning or explanation, TikTok informed her that her account had been permanently blocked.

She had attempted to address the situation but had been unable. Therefore, she was requesting that any TikTokers who had watched their video and benefited by utilizing TikTok audio write to TikTok’s legal team and get their former account “little.blooming.women” reinstated.

“We’ll see what we can do,” the creator stated at the end of the video. “Thank you very much for your support, and let’s get Cosy back.”

Many individuals tagged TikTok in the comments area, requesting that the mother and her kid be unbanned. They also said that TikTok did this frequently when someone got viral because they refused to pay them. Faeh, on the other hand, revealed that she was not a member of the creator fund and had no idea it existed until lately.

One user provided a remedy, noting that the same thing occurred to her, but she was able to regain control of her account after two weeks. She shared the previous popular video on her new account, which has over 208,000 views, while the audio from the new video has been utilized over 230 times.

Faeh shared a video of her childhood pretending to be an astronaut by wearing a box over her head on March 20. Faeh said in the caption that it had been 11 days since she had heard from TikTok. Hopefully, the mother will get access to her previous account shortly.

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