Tiffany Haddish Confronts Stallionaires Pooch Who Claims To Be Her Lover

After having dinner together this week, Stallionaires Pooch revealed that he and Tiffany Haddish were an item. The latter, on the other hand, refused to agree. While chatting with TMZ, the rapper expressed confidence that he had found a new girlfriend. He claimed that he was aware that his charisma had impressed Tiffany. He went on to say that he was a courteous guy who understood how to handle ladies. In response to the allegations, Haddish said,

“Well, I don’t believe a single supper qualifies as dating.” Is that correct?”

Pooch also became suspicious when asked how long they had been together. He also refused to reveal whether he was the guy Tiffany had been hoping for, which she said on The Tonight Show in January 2022 while describing her DUI arrest in Atlanta. Everything you need to know about Stallionaires Pooch Stallionaires Pooch is a well-known rapper and vocalist who is signed to the saddle gang ENT/sonygray music label. He was born L. Murphy on April 23, 1989, in Southeast Washington DC, and has previously been on Love & Hip Hop and a few other American television series.

Tiffany Haddish

All About Stallionaires Pooch

The rapper rose to prominence after being seen with Tiffany Haddish. On March 30, four months after announcing her breakup from Common, she was seen coming for a dinner date with Pooch. Haddish strolled inside Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood, flanked by security and followed by Pooch. The couple then seemed to enjoy a low-key dinner date at the celebrity hotspot. Tiffany was dressed for her dinner date in a mustard yellow sweater, tattered blue jeans, and bright shoes. She also wore a white face mask and walked into the restaurant with a blue Fendi handbag. Her phone was tied around her with a lengthy strap.

Stallionaires Pooch

Stallionaires Pooch, on the other hand, was dressed in a bright blue jacket that covered a black T-shirt with his name inscribed in white graphics. He also wore blue jeans, and despite their best efforts to keep their relationship private, the media ruined their plans. During the early phases of the COVID-19 epidemic, Haddish and rapper Common started dating in mid-2020. The former also characterized her relationship with the rapper as the finest she had ever been in.

Tiffany declared her breakup in November 2021 after a year of dating. Common said on the Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored with Jason Lee podcast that it was difficult for him to manage everything while still feeding the relationship. Tiffany also spoke on the program and said that she misses Common sometimes.

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