This Is Us Season 6 Episode 7 Review: The different sides to Rebecca Pearson

On This Is Us, the much-anticipated Pearson holiday has arrived, but not without some family strife. The episode Taboo centered on three separate Thanksgivings occurring during different stages of Rebecca’s life. Glenn Steelman directed the episode, while Laura Kenar penned the script.

It’s time to delve into the seventh episode of NBC’s This Is Us Season 6 and analyze it. This article includes spoilers and is written from the author’s perspective.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 7 review
This Is Us Season 6 Episode 7 review

Season 6 Episode 7 of ‘This Is Us’

This Is Us most recent episode served as a farewell to the character who has served as the series’ true heart and soul. She is the lady who gave Jack a reason to live, gave her family home, kept them together through the worst of circumstances, and is now sick.

Because the series focused mainly on Jack and the memories around him, Rebecca Pearson began as a supporting character rather than the main character on This Is Us.

However, when she strives to protect her family from the anguish they experienced after Jack’s death, it is evident that she is the true backbone of the Pearson family.

Rebecca’s varied personalities

The final Thanksgiving was split into three parts: the newly engaged Jack and Rebecca having their first Thanksgiving for Rebecca’s parents, Rebecca and Miguel, revealing their love, and the present day when Rebecca held a formal family gathering to lay out specific guidelines.

These three Rebeccas are all unique, but they are all connected. Rebecca, in her twenties, is an entirely different version of today’s Rebecca, the composed 70-year-old who gently meanders around the kitchen, hoping not to put her children’s lives in wait owing to her illness.

The tangled story of Rebecca and Miguel

This episode of This Is Us Season 6 is fantastic because it allows complex and conflicting emotions to coexist without feeling compelled to resolve them neatly.

For example, the recently engaged Rebecca had an outburst mid-meal owing to her mother’s micromanagement. She broke down in tears when she learned her parents were moving away.

The 1999 Pearson Thanksgiving, on the other hand, was a nightmare to watch, from Miguel and Rebecca’s cringe-worthy double date night gone awry to the former’s news of moving to Houston.

After the insane game of Taboo, there are so many unspoken things between Rebecca and Miguel on the front porch, which compels them to recognize how much closer they have been after Jack’s death.

Kevin isn’t the only reason the two are drifting apart; it’s also the same. When Tess was born, Rebecca and Miguel’s nine-year separation was broken, and the two reconnected on Facebook.

Taking lessons from the past

The most significant takeaway from Taboo is that learning from your mistakes is critical without allowing them to define you. Kate has learned this lesson the hard way and is attempting to incorporate it into her present and future.

This Is Us’ best weight-related episode yet since it depicted Kate and Toby’s two distinct experiences as overweight parents concerned about their children.

Toby wishes to protect Jack from the agony he endured as a healthy child, while Kate wishes to end the shame surrounding food that has characterized so much of her life and that of women before her.

The episode features a well-written conflict that deals with both health and body acceptance and Kate and Toby’s trust and communication concerns.

A candid conversation

When Rebecca sits down with her children for a candid discussion about her medical future, she attempts to avoid not being transparent and honest. She declared that if Miguel passed away, she would appoint one of her children to make medical choices for her.

There is an argument for each of the Pearson children: Kevin brings out her joy, Kate brings out her warmth, and Randall makes her feel protected. But in the end, she chooses Kate, confirming their tumultuous relationship and how far they’ve come.

While this season of This Is Us has started with emotional stories, Taboo appears to be ramping up. Rebecca asks that her children continue to live their lives to the fullest without feeling hampered by her illness in yet another memorable moment.

The latest episode of This Is Us Season 6 is available on NBC, Peacock, Hulu, and Hotstar.

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