The Top Ten Anime Big Brothers, Listed

Big brothers in anime are known for being protective of their younger siblings and may go through everything simply to bring a smile to their faces. Being excellent elder brothers, they have a bigger effect on their younger siblings. The link between the two brothers, despite their age discrepancy, is stronger and indestructible.

The Big Brothers are not behind, expressing their enormous devotion to their younger brothers. They can even sacrifice themselves to save their tiny brother/sister or even destroy everything in their way if someone attempts to injure them.

Here are some of the elder brother characters believed to be the greatest.

Greatest elder brothers in anime of all time

 Ten Anime Big Brothers
Ace and Luffy

10) Jack Hanma – Baki

As Jack and Baki both share the same ambition of overcoming their father, their friendship has gotten stronger. After being trounced by his younger brother, Jack grew more modest towards him. Jack helped Baki rise up and lift the winners’ belt.

Jack Hanma was inferior to his younger half-brother Baki as he found out after getting beaten up by the latter in a match. Despite perceiving him as an adversary, Jack truly cares about Baki and also likes him as well.

9) Byakuya Kuchiki – Bleach

At the death request of his wife Hisan, Byakuya adopted Rukia as his adoptive sister. His wife also urged him never to tell Rukia that she was her sister. Behind his harsh appearance, Byakuya genuinely loved profoundly about his adoptive sister but never sought to convey it.

After the Aizen Incident, Byakuya grew tolerant toward Rukia and even started calling her like a big brother. He even saved Rukia several times by putting his life in jeopardy. Byakuya might be all about respect and values, but when it comes to his young sister, he will break all of them.

8) Rin Okumura – Blue Exorcist

Rin and Yukio are the offspring of Satan. Rin was born to inherit the demon prowess from his father, but his younger brother Yukio was born a pure human. Moreover, Rin loves his younger brother and protects him from any harm. Yukio is wiser than Rin, yet he never stops looking up to his elder brother.

In his childhood, when Rin heard about an exorcist declaring that they were going to kill his recently born twin brother, he got outraged and unleashed his flames to save his sibling.

7) Killua Zoldyck – Hunter × Hunter

Each member of the Zoldyck family has a particular personality that runs from possessive to downright psychotic. However, when it comes to Killua and his sister Alluka, they are both not as wild as their relatives. These siblings are noted for their most affectionate friendship with one other.

Killua was willing to go against his family, who regarded Alluka as a tool. He loves his young sister more than anything else in the world. Killua even threatened his elder brother, Illumi, that if he considers Alluka an item, the former won’t show compassion.

6) Gohan – Dragon Ball

In the absence of his father, Gohan helped his mother raise Goten. Gohan has been a mentor and a father figure to Goten since he has taught him many things than basic combat. During Goten’s training, he astonished his elder brother by turning Super Saiyan at a very immature age.

Gohan noticed the power his little brother possessed and commended him for his efforts. Gohan loves his brother a lot and enjoys spending time with him. Goten admires his big brother and thinks him to be the strongest man he has ever known.

5) Kamui – Gintama

When Kagura was born, she became the light of his life. He has taken the greatest care of his small sister as well as his ailing mother. However, with the loss of his mother, Kamui has acquired resentment against his father for not being near her.

Kamui’s anguish and misery of losing his mother blinded him with wrath, where he tried to kill his sister multiple times and told her that she was weak.

Behind his façade of animosity, he cared about Kagura and even ordered Gintoki to take care of her. After Gintoki pounded some sense into Kamui and forced him to recognize his actual self, his care for Kagura grew even more obvious. Kamui likes his younger sister, and he also claims that her look reminds him of their mother.

4) Portgas D. Ace – One Piece

Although Ace and Luffy were not related by blood, they were firmly linked by a brotherly relationship. At the early stage of their relationship, Ace was not particularly fond of Luffy. However, he gradually developed caring towards the Straw Hat. When Blackbeard tried to kill Luffy, Ace warned him and vowed if he lay a single finger on him, he would witness his vengeance.

Ace was protective of Luffy and even tended to ask the Straw Hat crew to keep a watch on his little brother. When Luffy collected his first reward, Ace was thrilled by his successes and spent no time sending the wanted poster to Whitebeard.

3) Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward and Alphonse Elric have the most charming brotherhood in the anime universe. Both the boys’ lives radically changed from the time they sought to revive their dead mother through a transmutation ceremony. The ceremony ended up being a fiasco that cruelly encased Alphonse’s body in steel armor, and Edward lost his arm and a leg.

Edward hates himself for everything that transpired and wants to restore Alphonse back to normal. He feels profoundly for his younger brother and can give up anything for him. He will even put his life on the line if the circumstance requires it.

2) Tanjiro Kamado – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Nezuko is the only family Tanjiro is left with after their whole family has been killed. The monster not only merely decimated Tanjiro’s family but also converted Nezuko into a demon. Even though she became a fierce beast, Tanjiro never lost hope. He set off on a trip to locate a treatment for her younger sister that would revert her back to being human.

Tanjiro gets irritated when others talk badly about his sister. After learning that Nezuko would die if exposed to sunlight, he takes his sister in a wooden box everywhere he goes. Tanjiro can be a sweet person, but if somebody abuses his tiny sister, he can become scarier than a monster.

1) Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

Itachi is one of the most commonly misunderstood characters in Naruto. He started as an adversary who decimated the whole Uchiha clan and killed his own family, leaving his younger brother Sasuke alive. However, all he did was prevent another conflict from starting on the orders of Danzo.

Itachi loved his younger brother more than his family and wanted him to live on and get stronger. Itachi intended Sasuke to despise him so that the latter would strive hard to become a strong shinobi. Moreover, Itachi intended to die at Sasuke’s hand as revenge. He sacrificed everything only to defend his village and mainly his small brother.

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