The Photoshopped Photo Of Nicki Minaj And Coi Leray Fuels Gay Relationship Rumors

Nicki Minaj’s latest collaboration with Coi Leray hasn’t even had time to settle in yet, and homosexual whispers are already circulating. Obviously, none of these rumors are true!

Minaj, who earlier claimed to be bisexual, then changed her mind and rapped that she was a “hetero” in the past. Still, the Photoshop talents of netizens aren’t to be laughed at. Take a peek at this seductive image that sparked a flurry of rumors.

 Nicki Minaj And Coi Leray
Nicki Minaj And Coi Leray

Gay Rumors about Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray

Minaj is shown straddling Leray, who is forcefully grabbing Minaj’s bottom in the photo. Minaj’s green thongs were on full display, and with her staring back at the camera, it was impossible to miss! Nicki Minaj is her name!

However, if one pays even a smidgeon of attention to detail, the edit breaks apart swiftly. Leray’s hands are simply too muscular to be grasping Minaj’s behind. Furthermore, the skin tones seem illogical. After all, haven’t we seen that photo before?

Nicki Minaj Is Seen With Her Husband

Minaj had posted a photograph on her official Instagram account just hours before the lesbian shot became viral. The slideshow included many solo photographs as well as photos with her spouse, Kenneth Petty. As usual, the legendary rapper’s slides were strewn with seductive images.

Minaj was photographed sitting on a cream-colored leather couch in the first photo. Second, the husband wore a multicolored jacket and held his wifey on the side. Petty removed his jacket as Nicki straddled him, elevating her skirt and showing off her green thong in the third round. Examine the image to see if it appears familiar.

Coi Leray And Nicki Minaj Discuss Sexuality

Minaj and her ostensibly lesbian partner had an honest conversation about their sexuality over an Instagram stream only last week. When Minaj questioned if Leray was a lesbian, she immediately replied that she loved guys. She has had homosexual relationships with women in the past, though.

She didn’t think of herself as bisexual, either.

“It was just not for me,” Leray explained. “That’s when I knew what I’d done. Listen, this isn’t for me, I said. This isn’t my cup of tea.”

Leray liked being in the company of guys because she enjoyed the violence that came with it.

“You know what it is,” she confessed, “I prefer a man’s touch.” “A female can’t actually offer me that aggression because I enjoy aggression.”

Having said that, she was not against having a gay relationship in the near future. Minaj didn’t hold back when it came to discussing her own homosexual experience as a teenager.

“You’re aware that I had a stage, right? So, when I was in high school, I had a boo, and she was so, so, so cute, “She was referring to her then-girlfriend.

It wasn’t the first time Leray had been accused of being gay.

“I think my [expletive] looks a bit gay or tomboy or dykish or whatever they want to call it,” she remarked of her appearance, which she attributes to growing up as the lone female in a family of brothers.

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