The Internet Has Been Taken Over By Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ Viral Video

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’s personal video with another guy has gone viral on social media, shocking netizens. Pastor and missionary instructor, the New York native, is well-known. He’s also married to Tamia Dawkins, who shocked the internet when an explicit video of him with another guy surfaced online.

As soon as the video went viral, many people assumed Dwayne Dawkins was homosexual. The preacher, on the other hand, has never expressed this.

As the video went popular on social media, Show Biz Corner reported that Dawkins was recording a podcast. On his podcast, the devout priest unwittingly mentioned homosexuality, leading to several misconceptions about his sexuality. Dawkins has not answered the viral video at the time of publishing this article. The man in the video with the preacher is also unknown.

Dwayne Dawkins has how many children?

Pastor Dawkins is the founder and CEO of DHDawkins Ministries and a member of the Praise International Church in Florida. He asserts that the ministry he formed extends beyond religious preaching to include medical, psychology, humanitarianism, education, money, governance, and other fields. In 2006, the priest was also the Senior Pastor of Praise Tabernacle International in Fort Lauderdale.

Dwayne Dawkins has a reputation for being a dynamic, articulate, and free-spirited leader who is always willing to help. He has a lively personality, according to Praise Tabernacle, and “exudes a real caring, love, and concern for all of God’s people.” Tamia Dawkins is married to the pastor, as previously stated. D.H. Dawkins II, Daryn Nathaneal Dawkins, and Dathyn Declyn Dawkins are the couple’s three children.

Dwayne Dawkins was raised in a Christian home and was motivated by his great-grandparents. He began attending the ministry when he was 14 years old and had been serving ever since. Dawkins has led more than 21 youth groups at the Eastern New York Assembly, which is affiliated with the Churches of God State Youth’s Organization.

Bishop Timothy Clark, his spiritual father and an apolitical representative from Columbus, Ohio, instructed him. SUNY Old Westbury awarded Dawkins a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Alliance Theological Seminary also awarded him a Master of Professional Studies in Urban Ministry.

Since then, the pastor has spent eight years teaching in the New York City School System and serving as an adviser to college student organizations.

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