“The (Almost) Legends” A Mexican Comedy Film Is Set To Premiere On Netflix

The (Almost) Legends, directed by Ricardo Castro Velazquez, is set to be released exclusively on Netflix on July 19, 2023. The film, which stars Benny Emmanuel and Dagoberto Gama, follows Romeo and Preciado, half-brothers who get together to pay homage to their late father in a fast-paced and musical vehicle race.

The (Almost) Legends’ official tagline is:

“A vibrant Mexican town.” There are two half-brothers. Romeo and Preciado reunite in a motor rally full of adrenaline and banda music to remember their father’s legacy.”

Beto Gómez, Alfonso Suárez, and Maria Torres wrote the script for the film. Angello Faccini’s cinematography skills are on display in this 120-minute film. Tomás Barreiro wrote the engaging soundtrack, which enhances the whole cinematic experience.

The (Almost) Legends trailer is a great blend of fun and laughter.

According to the trailer for The (Almost) Legends, the film takes set in a colorful Mexican town. The plot centers on two half-brothers, Romeo and Preciado, who get together to remember their father. They start on an exhilarating motor rally, backed by loud banda music. The trailer suggests a fantastic and enjoyable voyage packed with fun, adventure, and family relationships. Viewers may expect an interesting and engaging experience from this film. Expect a vivid and colorful Mexican backdrop, live music, and a joyful mood. This film is intended to give an exciting and engaging cinematic experience that will leave fans pleased and uplifted, with a combination of adrenaline, humor, and a touch of melancholy.

The (Almost) Legends

Benny Emmanuel and Dagoberto Gama star in The (Almost) Legends.

This next film will have exhilarating racing scenes, hilarious moments, and a poignant study of family connections. The primary cast members are as follows:

1) Benjamin Emmanuel

Benny Emmanuel is an actor best known for his roles in Sin nombre (2009), De la infancia (2010), and Detrás de la Monta (2018). Emmanuel has built a name for himself in the film business because to his ability and perseverance. These flicks demonstrate his range and ability to play believable characters. His performances in these films have earned him critical praise and established him as a bright industry prospect.

2) Dagoberto Gama

Dagoberto Gama is a well-known Mexican actor who was born in Coyuca de Catalán, Guerrero. Amores perros (2000), El Infierno (2010), and Get the Gringo (2012) are among his major works. Gama’s performances have gotten a lot of notice and acclaim, demonstrating his flexibility and expertise in playing a wide range of roles.

3) Silverio Palacios

Silverio Palacios is a well-known actor who has been in a number of films. Y tu mamá también (2001), Killing Cabos (2004), and the highly praised The Legend of Zorro (2005) are among his other works. Palacios made important contributions to the cinema business by demonstrating his skill and ability in unforgettable performances.

The (Almost) Legends

Everything we know about The (Almost) Legends thus far

The (Almost) Legends has an outstanding staff and cast, providing a lovely mix of fun, humor, and drama. Beto Gómez, known for his great writing abilities, plays a significant part as one of the major writers, increasing the film’s chances of success. His presence in The (Almost) Legends creates excitement and boosts expectations for an enthralling and profound cinematic experience that delves into the subtleties of sibling love, or lack thereof.

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