Taylor Hale Was Crowned Head Of Household And Will Appear In The “Big Brother” Finale

Big Brother Season 24’s live eviction show aired on CBS on Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. ET. The one-hour show flew by as candidates Taylor and Alyssa plotted alliances and positioned themselves to be among the Top 4 participants this season. After Brittany reversed her vote, the live vote finished in a tie, forcing Head of House (HoH) Monte to make the ultimate decision, resulting in Alyssa’s elimination from the game.

With a fresh week of Big Brother beginning on finale night, Taylor, Monte, Turner, and Brittany competed in the new Head of Household competition. In a delightful shock for the crowd, fan-favorite candidate Taylor Hale won the challenge, taking home the power as well as a direct ticket to the finals night.

The popular reality competition’s season 24 has been highly viewed by the public. Since the show’s debut, some participants have received positive feedback from fans, while others have been chastised for their games and statements against other cast members. With the last four players in place, it’s anyone’s game, and the next week should be exciting.

Fans rejoice as Taylor is crowned Big Brother’s Head of Household.

Although the show began with Taylor on the block, which had viewers worried about her safety, she was not the one who was eliminated. After Alyssa was evicted from the Big Brother house, the remaining houseguests, Taylor, Turner, and Brittany, with the exception of the reigning HoH Monte, competed in the new challenge. Taylor became the new HoH, gaining the authority to put two fellow members up for sale as well as a direct ticket to the Big Brother finale, in a move that was predicted by viewers but also occurred at a critical juncture in the game.

Taylor Hale

Taylor had been singled out for eviction from the first week and had been singled out by several of the other candidates. Inside the house, she was also a key target of the Girl’s Girls alliance, which included Ameerah, Nicole, Paloma, Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa. However, the whole party has been voted out. Fans were ecstatic at Taylor’s victory at such a vital point in the game, and many turned to social media to share their joy.

What does HoH Taylor’s victory signify for the remainder of Big Brother’s week?

Now that Alyssa has been sent to the jury, just four competitors remain in the series to battle for the championship and a $750,000 cash prize. However, the jury has the most essential duty to perform since they will select who will be crowned season champion on the finale night. Big Brother Season 24’s jury members are now Indy, Jasmine, Joseph, Kyle, Terrance, Michael, and Alyssa. The majority of them are happy with Taylor’s game and are rooting for her. As a result, the current week will be critical for the HoH to make some critical choices.

Taylor had originally intended to make the final two alongside Brittany, becoming two women’s Top 2 finalists. While she was on the ballot, Taylor relied on Brittany’s support to keep her safe since she was doubtful about Turner’s vote, despite the latter being Alyssa’s close ally. However, it was precisely the opposite. Despite being Alyssa’s closest friend, Turner chose Big Brother above friendship and voted to oust the latter. Meanwhile, Brittany was the one who turned her vote and broke with Taylor by voting for her.

Taylor Hale

It will be fascinating to see who Taylor puts up for vote next week given that she is aware of Britanny’s efforts to surprise her in the prior voting. The new HoH, on the other hand, told Alyssa that she would make sure two women made the final two. However, given Taylor’s blossoming showmance with Monte, the dynamics in the home may shift quickly.

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