Talib Kweli File A Lawsuit Against His Ex-wife For The Emotional Distress

Talib Kweli sued Jezebel in 2020 for the mental pain he had as a result of one of their pieces explaining his Twitter suspension. According to his complaint, Jezebel’s story utilized him to demonstrate how black males treat black women. He had to deal with a variety of issues, including depression, insomnia, anxiety, and others. Kweli said that they presented him as a monster who despises black women. Kweli further said that about 500,000 of his followers, as well as his ex-wife and workers, are all black. Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for G/O Media said,

“Jezebel’s story accurately reported on the dispute that resulted in Talib Kweli’s Twitter account being permanently suspended.” This litigation, brought two years after the article was published, is without substance, and the corporation will seek our lawyers’ costs in accordance with the rights granted to the press to publish stories of public importance like this one.”

Everything there is to know about Talib Kweli’s ex-wife

DJ Eque is a well-known DJ and mixer. Her Facebook page refers to her as a female superhero. Her website claims that she is one of the top DJs and producers in Los Angeles. She is also active on Instagram, where she has around 10,000 followers. Her photographs mostly depict celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Dave Chapelle, Snoop Dogg, and Russell Peters. Several of them have also worked with her.

Talib Kweli

She married Talib Kweli in May 2009, and the wedding was attended by various celebrities. However, they had a nasty disagreement at a party in 2010 when Kweli was chatting to other ladies, which resulted in a physical brawl and the need for security to remove them. DJ Eque and Talib Kweli were married for eleven years and their divorce date and time are unclear.

Talib Kweli’s story on Jezebel

Kweli announced his departure from Twitter in July 2020. However, according to Jezebel, he was removed from Twitter for breaching their rules after a few posts he put to disparage a student and activist named Maya Moody. Fans of Kweli have also been accused of threatening Moody and leaking personal information about her and her family. The cause for Kweli’s disagreement with Moody was that she mentioned colorism during a discussion about the spouses of a few artists, including Kweli.

Talib Kweli

Kweli is a New York-based rapper who rose to prominence after working with Mos Def in 1997. He proceeded to collaborate with musicians such as Kanye West, Just Blaze, and Pharrell Williams, and his most recent album, Gotham, came out in 2020. He also founded the musical label Javotti Media.

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