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Akon Stated That He Stumbled Into The Music Industry By Chance

Akon is a household figure and an icon for individuals who grew up in the 2000s. He is a five-time Grammy nominee. He launched himself into the music business with other big successes, leaving fans and new listeners humming to this day. The rapper from Missouri has sold over 35 million albums, all of which have […]

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Akon Is Facing Backlash After He Compared Africans To Black Americans

Akon, a Senegalese-American artist, caused an internet backlash for comparing Africans to Black Americans. During an appearance on an edition of the Zeze Millz Show, the 49-year-old celebrity explained how African singers’ stage demeanor differs from that of Black Americans. When asked about the Africans, Akon said that they are unique in terms of stage presence. […]

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