TAG A Member Of Golden Child Was Hospitalized Due To Liver Failure

Several South Korean news outlets recently claimed that Golden Child member TAG is now in the hospital due to severe liver failure. While fans of the idol and the group were worried, Woollim Entertainment, the group’s agency, allayed some of the anxieties by announcing that the idol is not in serious condition.

Woollim Entertainment publishes a statement on the health of Golden Child TAG.

TAG, one of the boy group’s major rappers, was taken to the critical care unit of a University Hospital in Gangnam on May 18, according to South Korean news agency Kukmin Ilbo. According to the article, the idol had acquired indications of acute liver failure and was in desperate need of a liver transplant.


However, Golden Child’s agency issued an official statement immediately after the story broke, stating that although TAG was hospitalized, he was not in severe condition. Woollim Entertainment sent a statement about the idol’s condition to the media source SPOTV. According to the agency, the idol was admitted to the hospital due to bad health, not a liver condition. According to the complete update:

“TAG is in no way in catastrophic condition. He is not in a critical state. Rather, he was lately in terrible condition, so he went to the hospital this morning and is awaiting the results of the tests.”

What exactly is acute liver failure?

Acute liver failure is a condition in which one loses liver function in a matter of days or weeks. It frequently happens in persons who do not have a history of liver illness. A hepatitis virus or medicines such as acetaminophen are frequently responsible for the condition. Famous victims of this illness include American author Truman Capote, Mexican actress Dolores del Ro, and Velvet Underground lead singer Lou Reed.

Soon after the news came, Golden Child’s fan sites turned to social media to report that TAG, the actual name Son Young-taek, is in need of a liver transplant and that the idol’s blood type is RH+ O. Several followers even offered their own livers in support of their hero.

Many followers of both the idol and Golden Child breathed a sigh of relief after the explanation and wished the rapper a speedy recovery for the idol. Many people were outraged by the bogus claims that were spread in the first place. Meanwhile, the K-pop duo, who made their debut with the EP Gol-Cha! in August 2017, released their second Japanese song “Rata-Tat-Tat” on May 11. In honor of their first Japanese return, Golden Child presented a two-day showcase at the Maihama Amphitheater in Tokyo on April 30 and May 1, 2022.

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